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The Vampirella Universe is getting a bit bigger in May as Dynamite Entertainment has announced Sacredsix, a new ongoing team book from writer Christopher Priest, artist Gabriel Ibarra, colorist Mohan, and letterer Willie Schubert. This is an expansion of sorts as Priest is also writing the current Vampirella series.

Enter: a tale of two towns in rural Georgia. One is Ashthorne, an impoverished farming town with a deadly secret. Otherwise known as "Vampire Valley," most of its citizens are vampires and sundry other ghouls, though not by choice or blood. These once-human victims are now shunned by society in the open but live peacefully and just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace. Meanwhile, the bright and shiny Sacred is a recently “manufactured” community lorded over by staunch conservatives for the express purpose of oppressing and ultimately destroying Ashthorne’s residents. This tension will escalate as the series progresses, and instigate the arrival of the group of heroines…

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Draculina is joined by Pantha, Nyx, and Chastity to serve under Lilith of Drakulon (described as the Cersei Lannister of space vampires) in this new series. The six and final core member will be revealed at a later date. Vampirella will make some appearances here too. The women will go undercover in the Sacred as students to fight against injustice by night against the Six.

“I can see the headlines now: ‘Priest Returns To Black Panther!’ We are birthing a (literally) different animal and expansion of our version of the Vampirella shared universe,” said writer Christopher Priest.

Artist Gabriel Ibarra added, “This mix of characters in diverse situations can be a challenge, but I’m putting all my effort into every single page. To be working with a legend like Priest is hard to even describe. He has such a clear vision through his scripts and I’m grateful to be bringing them to the page. I’m excited for fans to see what we’re doing!”

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Jae Lee will also be doing interior pages within the first five issues, illustrating a special sequence weaved into the main story recounting Pantha's newly revamped origin story. She's now fully feline by default and can transform into a human woman instead of the opposite way around.

“Not many creators reach legendary status. Christopher Priest is a legend and I'm honored to be working with him and Dynamite,” said artist Jae Lee.

“Jae and I have made several attempts to develop something together,” added Priest. “I am totally psyched to have finally found the right project for us.”

Sacredsix will feature an array of covers including work from Jae Lee, Lucio Parrillo, Meghan Hetrick, Rod Reis, José Ladrönn, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Mark Texeira. The series is set to kick off in May 2020.

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