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Ominous Press and Creation.Ink have hit Kickstarter again for The Vi Empire, a new vampire graphic novel from Max Akbar, Richard Gold, Stuart Moore, and Val Semeiks. It's got everything from fierce bloodsuckers to shadowy government agents and even galactic empires. The comic follows a grizzled veteran who discovers an abandoned baby in the wilderness and adopts her as his daughter. As the young girl grows up, the vet learns there's much more to her than expected, making them the targets of monsters, men in black, and aliens.

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“I remember when we migrated to the U.S., my father would purchase the Sunday paper and look for a job. Back then, the newspaper would have a section where there were all kinds of comics,” Max Akbar said. “I had not discovered a comic book store, but I would pick these sections and look at the comics, and in time, I was able to read them. I didn’t realize comics were teaching me how to read, and then how to draw. Comics made me the person I am today. Comics shaped my character, taught me to do good, to be kind, and be like the heroes I cherish.”

Akbar is a lifelong comics fan who fled Russian-occupied Afghanistatn as a boy and settled into the United States. His essay series on his immigrant experience and his love affair with comics will be included in the hardcover edition of The Vi Empire. Other rewards include individual issues of the comic, original art, a print set, t-shirts, and more. The campaign runs through June 17th, 2021.

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