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The Walking Dead 100 Second Printing CoverThe Walking Dead has been tearing up the sales charts for trade paperbacks for ages.  It's been doing well on the single issue sales but it broke a few records with the recent release of issue #100.  The centennial comic sold out of its huge first printing of 383,612 copies.  This makes The Walking Dead #100 the highest selling comic of the century.

To put this in perspective, the highest selling comic for the month of June 2012 was Avengers Vs. X-Men #6 from Marvel Comics.  This sold 190,705 copies.  That's high though due to it being an event book.  Usually sales are a bit lower, and most comics are lucky to break the six digit mark.  The Walking Dead #100 is almost twice the sales of AvX #6 and since the first printing sold out, they're rushing out a second printing for any fans that missed it.  

The fact that the comic had a whopping 13 variant covers probably helped a bit as collectors snagged up one of each.  This is still a pretty big deal for everyone involved, from Image Comics and their Skybound line to creator Robert Kirkman.  The fact that a creator-owned comic hit this achievement is a big deal too.  Marvel and DC have a firm grip on the market share in the funny book business and they're owned by two mega corporations (Disney and Warner Bros, respectively).  

The issue has been getting rave reviews from a ton of sites.  I, of course, haven't read it yet because I'm behind in my Walking Dead.  I know.  It's a tragedy but I'm working to fix that.  Did you get your hands on one of the 383,612 first printing editions of The Walking Dead #100?



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