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Revival CoverWhat if, for one day, all the dead people in a small town came back to life?  Instead of just returning to the land of the living, they went back to their lives instead of craving brains.  They're not mindless zombies.  They're just back.  This is the concept behind Revival, the upcoming comic from Tim Seeley (Hack / Slash) and Mike Norton (Runaways) due out this July from Image Comics.

As if this wasn't enough, a murder occurs and everyone, both living and dead, is a suspect.  The town of Wausau is quarantined and put under government surveillance due to the revival and the sightings of something otherworldly in the woods. Cabin fever is sure to set in as fear begins to take its toll.

Seeley and Norton, who both hail from small towns, describe Revival as a rural noir.  Writer Seeley says that it's given him the opportunity to dive into another aspect of the horror genre.  

"Revival is ... rooted in psychological horror — the fear of what happens to us when we die, the fear of not being sure if we can trust those closest to us," he said in an April Comics Bulletin interview.



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There's a tone of existential dread that's rooted in Revival.  Norton works with colorist Mark Englert to create barren winter landscapes that help reinforce the themes of life and death.

"I'm excited to try and create an environment for this mystery we've built," said Norton. "Mark and I are working hard to set a mood that hopefully sets the reader on edge. I couldn't be happier with how this is turning out."

Revival is a full-color, ongoing comic book series from Image Comics. Its first issue is due in comic shops on July 11th and will feature two covers, one by Jenny Frison and one by Craig Thompson.






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