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With the presidential election looming this November, it's a heated race to the White House.  Numerous arguments and debates are going on to decide the best candidate with various celebrities and political figures endorsing folks.  In case you were wondering who the zombie punk rock band, Toe Tag Riot was voting for in the coming election, it's Bernie Sanders.  The group just wholeheartedly endorsed the candidate and it's pretty clear they're feeling the Bern.  The band released the following statement:

"Toe Tag Riot may be an irreverent band of loud punk rockers that seem straight out of a bonkers comic book concept, but we've spent our lives fighting for equality among all people. The very real and damaging issues of racism, sexism, and homophobia are very near and dear to us as we are a band full of hetero, homo, and bisexual individuals - we are men and women, white, black, and mixed races.  We are proud to officially endorse a candidate who speaks to the things in our hearts, Bernie Sanders."

Each member of the band also provided their own individual statement.

"Bernie's messages on rich people sucking really hit home for me.  I mean, we struggle and fight for bookings against crappy mega corporations churning out awful pop music while we're forced to live on Top Ramen and the brains of bigots and homophobes (see you soon, Donald!)  We work just as hard, maybe harder, than all those rich a-hole bands - we want a fair shot, dammit!" - Dickie Tagz (vocals)


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"I knew Bernie was my guy when I saw the pictures of him in the 1960s, defiantly chained to a black woman while protesting against segregation.  This is a man who marched with Dr. King, was arrested in the civil rights movement, and has been fighting for African Americans like me, and other minorities, his whole life.  His father's family was wiped out by Hitler and right now we need a warrior against fascism like Bernie." - Evie Vee (drums)

"I'm a lesbian woman married to Evie, the love of my life, and sometimes it's like the whole world is against us and that totally sucks.  But here comes Bernie who's always had the backs of the LGBT community and didn't need to 'evolve' on the subject and that's less sucky.  He was for us even when speaking out in support of gay people was political suicide.  He's for the people - ALL of the people.  Even sometimes-zombies like Toe Tag Riot." - Annie Maul (bass)

"What's not to like?  The guy was against the Iraq war from the start, he's for total and complete equal rights and pay equity for women, and he's the only candidate to have spoken in support of the transgender community, a subject very much intertwined in my soul.  Trans women are real women and trans men are real men and Bernie Sanders is the only politician I've ever seen who seems to 'get' that.  I'm feeling the Bern in a big big big way." - Paulie Propylene (guitar)


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Just in case you didn't know, Toe Tag Riot is a hilarious and quite awesome comic book from Black Mask Studios following a zombie punk rock band of the same name.  The book, written by Matt Miner and illustrated by Sean Von Gorman follows the group as they use their zombie “superpowers” for good, only killing and eating the worst of humanity: racists, homophobes, and other assorted bigots.  The series leads to a climactic final showdown with the Westboro Baptist Church.  

Toe Tag Riot: Volume 1, collecting the four-issue mini-series, the ultra-rare issue #0, and the short story printed in Alternative Press Magazine #330, is due out on May 25th, 2016.  It is currently available for pre-order.

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