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If you’re ever been tempted to collect all your favourite franchises in Pop! Vinyl form, Numskull has something new for you: TUBBZ, your new duck-shaped obsession. And, what’s more... They've created TUBBZ of your favourite Ghostbusters, who also now go by the ‘Quack Pack’. Who said collectibles couldn’t be cute and spooky?

I’ve been lucky enough to receive the Quack Pack, containing the TUBBZ of Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore from the original Ghostbusters, and, of course, you can also get your hands on a TUBBZ Peter Venkman and Ray Stanz. The high quality is clear and the likeness of the characters is especially impressive considering they're now, y'know... ducks. In short, if you’re susceptible to new collectibles featuring your favourite franchises, your feathers are about to be ruffled.


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Ghostbusters may be the latest in the TUBBZ range, but Numskull has already taken inspiration from many popular video game, movie, TV show, and comic franchises, including:

• Batman
• Crash Bandicoot
• Spyro the Dragon
• Fallout
• Destiny
• Street Fighter
• Borderlands
• Lord of the Rings


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What franchise would you like join the TUBBZ family next? I’ve got my fingers crossed for Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong, since Numskull already has ties into Capcom for official Resident Evil merch… Did you hear about their latest Resident Evil 3 collaboration? Maybe they could finally make it work as ducks? Leave all the conspiracies and zombies behind them for a pond in the suburbs... We can only hope.

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