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Vampirella has been pretty busy over the past year, starring in a new solo series among a few other titles. This June sees the release of the first collections from two of those comics, Vampirella / Red Sonja and Vengeance of Vampirella. What better way to ring in the warm weather than with a scantily clad vampire woman?

Vengeance of Vampirella: Volume 1 – Rebirth picks up where Vampirella: Death & Destruction #3 left off in 1996...for the most part. Writer Tom Sniegoski, artist Michael Sta, and colorist Filipino Omi Remalante Jr resurrect Vampi as a savior among the apocalypse brought on by Mistress Nyx and her Chaos Lords. After a decades-long slumber, she's angrier and more vicious than ever before. I'm just happy to get at least 6 hours of sleep. I can't imagine why she'd be mad after sleeping for that long.

"Working on Vengeance of Vampirella has been challenging since I consider this my first big professional work," said artist Sta. Maria. "Each issue is a blast thanks to Tom's scripts and imagination, and I hope fans can feel the effort and excitement we put into the book!"

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Vampirella / Red Sonja: Volume 1 – These Dark Synchronicities from writer / colorist Jordie Bellaire and artist Drew Moss has the Daughter of Drakulon teaming up with the She-Devil with a Sword. They travel through space and time on adventures filled with horror, adventure, mystery, and murder, all while finding out new things about each other. Did you know Red Sonja loves hamburgers? Or Vampirella was there when punk rock started? All that and more will be revealed.

Artist Drew Moss shared, "Working on this book has been a joy. If you have any notions of what it's about, you are probably wrong. It's so much more. The stories are full of suspense, emotion and comedy that touches the depth of these characters and I feel adds to their storied narratives."

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Both collections including extensive cover galleries featuring work from Frank Cho, Derrick Chew, In-Hyuk Lee, Tula Lotay, Ben Oliver, Babs Tarr, Stephen Segovia, David Mack, Julian Totino Tedesco, Leonardo Romero, Daniel Warren Johnson, Buzz, Roberto Castro and more. Our own Ali Chappell appeared on a cover for Vengeance of Vampirella #4, so be sure to look out for that.

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