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Ursa Minor CoverBig Dog Ink has announced Ursa Minor, a new mini-series debuting this May.  The book follows a pack of werewolves fresh from assassinating the President during the televised inauguration.  Things quickly get turned upside down as vampires side with humans against the beasts.  A girl with a power she can barely control sets out to right the wrongs the only way she she's fit: Killing everyone.

"The horror genre has always been a part of my life starting when I was young and probably nowhere near old enough to be watching some of this stuff,” says writer Tom Hutchison. "And Ursa Minor takes facets from horror movies I grew up with like the Hammer features as well as classic American movies and mixes it with everything else I was exposed to and ultimately loved as a kid; monsters, comic books and even the pinup model.”

"I’ve always known I had a horror story to tell,” Tom Hutchison adds. “Ursa Minor has been percolating and developing for a couple of years now and I believe I’ve found a fun way to play with these amazing concepts and have added my own small twists to the lore of vampires and their brides as well as werewolves and other forms of lycanthropy.”

Ursa Minor is written by Big Dog Ink Publisher Tom Hutchison (Penny for your Soul, Critter) and illustrated by Ian Snyder (Grimm Fairy Tales).  The book will also feature alternate painted covers by Natali Sanders.  The first issue hits comic shops this May, but fans at the Phoenix Comic Can can attend a special release party and have the chance to pick up a limited edition Eric Basaldua cover and have it signed by the creators.  The first issue is 22 full color pages and will set you back $3.50.    As with similar releases, this comic will make or break it based on pre-orders so if Ursa Minor sounds like something you'd be interested in, I highly suggest letting your comic shop know so they can order you a copy.



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