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After some adventures on other worlds, Katie Carva is returning to her own planet, but the other-dimensional-parasites are not far behind. Action Lab: Danger Zone brings Vampblade into its fourth season this April with creator / writer Jason Martin and original series artist Winston Young.

"Season 4 has so much to offer in the coming year for our book, but we’re also bringing back the legacy numbering this year too.” says Jason Martin. “And as a lifelong fan of monthly comics, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have a book loved enough to have the opportunity to run 38 plus issues!! So yes, it’s a fresh start and another great time for new readers to check us out, but also, it's great to celebrate what we’ve built here and see where it takes us!"

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I'm glad to see Vampblade add in the legacy numbering. I never really understood why they had separate seasons for the arcs, especially since each one flowed into the next. Vampblade (Season 4) #1 / #38 is set for release on April 1st, 2019. Look for regular and risque variants from artists like Brao, Steve Desario, Richard Garcia, Dan Mendoza, and Bill McKay.

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