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The Plot from Vault Comics just wrapped up recently and the publisher is celebrating with some new merch. Vault has partnered with Level 52 Studios to create a limited edition statue of the Bog Wight monster from the series written by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci and illustrated by Joshua Hixson. This creature comes from a deep, black bogland teeming with deadly family secrets. It's the supernatural force of soul-sucking terror lurking at the murky heart of the comic.

The statue is inspired by Hixson's designs and features a lithe and sinewy sculpt awash in the swamp-color palette that spawned the monster. It has some iridescent highlights to further embody the creeping dread that has plagued the Blaine family for generations. The statue stands at 7.5” tall and crafted of polystone.

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"Joshua Hixson delivered an indelible creature design--and one that is worthy of lumbering right alongside horror's classic monsters,” notes series co-writer Tim Daniel. “But Level 52 really raised the hair on the back of my neck with their faithfully realized and meticulously crafted statue. I can't wait to place the Bog Wight right next to me on the desk and thoroughly soak in it's eerie beauty!"

The statue is currently available for pre-order at the Vault Comics site for $119.00

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