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There's something so damn perfect about revenge.  It's like a basic human emotion.  It's easy to understand and it's one of the best story catalysts out there.  Zenescope Entertainment has announced a new series with vengeance at its center.  Death Force, set to debut in May, follows Rick Murphy, an ordinary cop that stumbled onto the wrong case.  He's left for dead by the criminals he set out to bring in when he's given a second chance at life.  That comes with a catch though.  In exchange for the power to take revenge on the men that wronged him, he must give up his soul.  Now he's got the power of the Death Force at his command, but will he control it or will it consume him?

Zenescope President and Co-Founder Joe Brusha will be writing the series and Marc Rosete is on board as the artist.  

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“Death Force is the first true antihero we’ve introduced into the Zenescope Universe. He’s trying to be a real hero but his power comes from an evil source, so he’s constantly battling himself; he’ll be very conflicted throughout the series.”

Death Force sounds similar to the likes of The Hangman, Ghost Rider, Spawn, and The Spectre.  Then again, there's a reason why all these story archetypes keep coming up.  They work well and they look pretty friggin' cool.

Death Force #1 is set for release this May.

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