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On Tuesday, June 25th, 2019, Grady Hendrix's latest novel, We Sold Our Souls arrives in paperback from Quirk Books. This one has been on my 'to read' pile since Tony reviewed it back in September 2018 and it's high time I get cracking on it, especially since I dug Hendrix's My Best Friend's Exorcism and Paperbacks from Hell (seriously, if you love reading and you love amazing book covers, you need this one).

Would you sell your soul for a chance at fame? What if you didn’t have a choice? In 2018’s critically acclaimed We Sold Our Souls, Bram Stoker Award winning author Grady Hendrix (Paperbacks from Hell) explores the Faustian bargain that ex-metalhead guitarist Kris Pulaski confronts as she fights her way from rust belt Pennsylvania to Las Vegas in an attempt to save her soul.

Kris once dreamed of glory. She and her Dürt Würk bandmates would take the heavy metal scene by storm, working their way up from dive bars to stadiums. All that changed when their lead singer, Terry Hunt, decided to leave the band in favor of a mainstream contract for a solo career. Since then, Kris has spent a decade in obscurity as a hotel manager, unable to motivate herself to even pick up her guitar, while Terry rocketed to superstardom. When a terrifying encounter with another ex-bandmember reveals that Terry may have sold not just his soul to make it big, Kris begins a journey that takes her from the suburbs, to a cultish rehab center, to a music festival that’s like Coachella from hell. Facing adversity at every turn, Kris is exposed to the paranoid, violent, conspiracy-ridden core of America and must fight to survive. What evil did Terry unleash when he sold out to make it big, and will a girl with a guitar be able to save the world from a hell of our own making?

A thrilling, engrossing, and chilling read from a unique voice in modern horror, We Sold Our Souls is a timely look at what we’re willing to sacrifice for a moment of glory.

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