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Man, Hollywood loves comic books right now.  Properties are being scooped up left and right to be adapted to the big and small screen.  In some cases, this process is beginning before the first issue of the comic has even hit stands.  That’s the case with The Disciples, the upcoming comic from Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten set to debut on May 27th from Black Mask Studios.  Niles is teaming up with Wes Craven to adapt the book into a TV show for Universal Cable Productions with Black Mask co-founders Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz and Industry Entertainment’s Sara Bottfeld as executive producers.

The Disciples is a sci-fi / horror tale following a team of interstellar private eyes searching for a girl who’s run off to join a cult on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede.  It’s been described as “True Detective in space.”

This is not the first time Black Mask Studios is venturing into television as the company is also currently developing Five Ghosts for SyFy with Evan Daugherty writing the pilot.  Black Mask has become a home for edgy and subversive comics in its short existence.  Niles described the company’s mission with "If V For Vendetta were created today, there would be no publisher for it... we want to be that publisher."  

The Disciples will join the likes of Ballistic, Liberator, Toe Tag Riot, and Space Riders, not to mention the upcoming Young Terrorists and Sinatoro from Grant Morrison and Vanesa Del Rey.  Needless to say, this is a line of comics you’re going to want to watch.


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