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Coming soon from Shadow House Publishing is William P. Simmons' latest collection, When Darkness Answers. We don't have a release date yet, but according to Simmons, it's very soon. 

Darkness isn’t simply the absence of light, it’s a living, breathing presence. It is the death of a loved one and the murder of hope; it is whispering shadows, unrelenting loneliness, and inner hatred. We are terrified and tantalized by the unknown, the supernatural, and the monstrosities of daily life. Stare into the abyss with the new collection by bestselling author William P. Simmons, WHEN DARKNESS ANSWERS.

Reality unravels and faith crumbles in these haunting and subversive tales of supernatural, psychological, and visionary horror. Peer deep into darkness with “a writer whose approach is both original and unconventional” (Publisher’s Weekly), and who “joins the ranks of such writers as Ray Bradbury and Charles Grant” (Kealan Patrick Burke, author of Sour Candy). Hailed by British Fantasy Award Winning author Adam Nevill (The Ritual) as a writer who “draws from a well with waters dark and deep, that taste of guilt, despair and fear, to cultivate his surprising and inventive tales of horror,” Simmons reveals the nightmares hiding in the cancerous fabric of reality. These tales occupy a twilight border between the uncanny and mundane, the shocking and subtle, threatening all you hold dear, safe, or true.

A grieving husband is attacked by memories in an endless cemetery. A housewife searches her home for a screaming woman. A jilted lover brings his hate to public school. A vengeful wraith plays malicious games with his terrified parents. An abused young man with paranormal powers learns that the dead remember. A father fears the holes in his son’s face. A dead mother’s love turns deadly. A woman is transformed by her lover’s hunger. A creature’s skin turns lust to despair. A deadly shadow is birthed by a hateful marriage.

These and other stories thrill, provoke, and disturb. Evoking fear and wonder, Simmons merges traditional genre themes with modern concerns. Nothing as it seems. Nowhere is safe. No one loves you. Only the darkness really knows who you are. You’ve called to it day after day, year after year. And something has heard you. Tonight, the darkness answers…

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Steve Pattee
Author: Steve Pattee
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He's the puppet master. You don't see him, but he pulls the strings that gets things done. He's the silent partner. He's black ops. If you notice his presence, it's the last thing you'll notice — because now you're dead. He's the shadow you thought you saw in that dark alleyway. You can have a conversation with him, and when you turn around to offer him a cup of coffee, he's already gone.
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