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Usually I have a rough idea as to what to expect from a new comic based on the description or preview image, but I can safely say, I have no idea what is going on with Gutt Ghost, the new series coming soon from Scout Comics. Written and illustrated by Enzo Garza, here's how the publisher describes it:

Gutt Ghost is about an everyday individual, floating down the same paths we all navigate in life. The highs and lows, the surprises and the boredom. Love, loss, life, death, happiness and depression. From friends to dead end jobs, creatures and cults, trying to feel important to just learning how to figure it all out... he's not unlike you and me, he just happens to be a ghost with guts.

"Something I never expected was the way in which readers would connect with Gutt Ghost. From his day to day, the sunny sides and the pit falls, to the awkward and absurd, there's a larger story I've always wanted to tell.” says creator Enzo Garza. “I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to join Scout and share the story of Gutt Ghost with his observations of life and the strange circumstances interwoven."

"Enzo Garza, with his wonderfully absurd Gutt Ghost, is the perfect addition to the 2019 Scout lineup and family.” added Scout Comics President James Haick. “We believe our dedicated fan base will find many things to love and enjoy about this incredibly unique series."

No specific release date has been announced for Gutt Ghost yet, but I'll be on the lookout because I am very much intrigued.

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