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It's hard to believe that Witchblade has been around for twenty years.  The book, starring Sara Pezzini as the bearer of a mysterious and powerful artifact meant to keep the balance between the Darkness and the Angelus has been a staple of Top Cow Productions.  Originally created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, and Michael Turner back in 1995, the series will now come to a close with October's release of issue #185.

The double-sized final issue will feature a number of previous Witchblade artists returning to the title to send Sara off in style.  The story resolves Sara's return to New York, her relationship with Gleason, and her attempt to find a suitable replacement bearer for the Witchblade.  It will feature a cover by Michael Turner and another by Keu Cha and will debut on October 14th.

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Two weeks later sees the release of a special limited edition Art of Witchblade hardcover.  The oversized tome will feature a bevy of talented comic artists with original content not previously seen in The Art of Witchblade.  This is truly a limited release as only 1,000 copies will be made and it will never be reprinted.

Also on October 28th, fans can pick up an 11”x 17” full-color Witchblade 20th Anniversary Commemorative Lithograph featuring art by Michael Turner.

I became a Witchblade fan late in Sara's career, around when the Top Cow Rebirth started.  I've got some back catalog to sift through and I cannot wait to check it out.  I'm intrigued by what the future may hold for the artifact and the Top Cow Universe as a whole.  The Darkness ended as well so with Witchblade coming to a close, I certainly hope that more is on the horizon for these characters and the artifacts.

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