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Not long after taking up a job at a cemetery, a young man becomes plagued by mysterious tragedies which befall the people around him. While these incidents perplex the police and investigators, the man’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic with each terrifying episode as he experiences visions of events he is unable to understand or explain.

Little does he realise that he has become the conduit for an unknown, vengeful spirit, the Aiyai, which is intent on using him to fulfil its ultimate purpose…

The principle character of Kiran and some of his experiences in the film has been largely inspired by true events seen by Director  Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam in his childhood.

When Alan was 13 years old, growing up in the village of Palugamam, Sri Lanka, he and his friends used to commute by buses to attend school in the nearest city. One of Alan’s school mates, Dhanan had fallen asleep over the return trip and missed his stop. By the time the bus conductor realized this, it was dusk. As it was late, he had to drop Dhanan outside the village, left all alone in the dark, close to a cemetery. For the next two days, Dhanan was nowhere to be found and the villagers conducted a massive search. Two women, out collecting firewood in the forest near the cemetery, spotted Dhanan high up in a tree and biting tree bark.

Dhanan appeared to be in a state of shock. His eyes were blood red and he would try to attack anyone who came near him. His family confined him to a room as they believed that a harmful spirit had taken over him, so they conducted an exorcism with traditional rituals. As days went by, his condition worsened. He quickly became emaciated and would strangely contort his body out of his normal shape. As he turned increasingly erratic in behaviour and wildly dangerous, he needed to be tied by chains. It was only a matter of days before Dhanan lost his battle to live and succumbed to death.

Bulldog Film Distribution presents Wrath of Souls on VOD 29th May 2023

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