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Zombies Vs Cheerleaders CoverMoonstone has announced a spinoff from their Zombies vs. Cheerleaders comic in the form of a one shot issue.  The Misadventures of Becky and Bob focuses on the zombie / cheerleader couple and will be written by creator Steven L. Frank.  

"Becky and Bob are really fun characters to work with", says Steven L. Frank. "While ZvC is funny, it is also very twisted. B&B is just fun. They argue and fight like a married couple, which is a wink to the zombie versus cheerleader concept."

The one shot came from Frank listening to the fans of ZvC. "Becky & Bob showed up as a back-up story in Zombies vs Cheerleaders #6 and the response was overwhelming, mostly good. [laughs]  Bob actually showed up back in ZvC #3 in his own story. We hope people find this Misadventures of Becky & Bob one-shot to be a blast."

The issue will be an anthology book, similar to the main Zombies Vs Cheerleaders comic.  It will include artwork from a variety of artists including Danielle Souloud who worked on the original B&B story, along with David Namisato and more.  

Here's the official blurb

Straight from the pages of Zombies vs Cheerleaders!

Becky and Bob were introduced in Zombies vs Cheerleaders #6. A plucky cheerleader, Becky, has befriended a middle-aged zombie, Bob. Bob just wants to lead a regular life, although his insistence on hanging around with cheerleaders seems odd to most! Becky, having saved Bob's "life" from some fraternity guys, feels obligated to protect him and help him feel more human. Read this debut issue of The Misadventures of Becky and Bob as they get into irreverent and crazy high school hi-jinks!

No info yet as to when we can expect this one shot.  It will however feature a 1:10 variant cover by Justin Ridge.  The regular cover is drawn by Danielle Gransaull.

What do you think of this rocky relationship, horror fans?  Will Becky and Bob go down in history as one of the most memorable couples in comics alongside Superman and Lois Lane and Batman and Robin?



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