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2017 03 31 Fbs 009

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Funny Book Splatter 009: Michael R. Martin

The weekend is about to begin and what better way to ease you into it than with a new episode of Funny Book Splatter beamed right into your ear holes? This week's guest is Michael R. Martin, the writer of Blood & Dust from Action Lab: Danger Zone. It's an awesome comic that I described as Vampire Clint Eastwood fights Swamp Thing. If that doesn't grab you, nothing will. The first volume of Blood & Dust is now available in trade paperback and the next one is coming soon.

Michael has an inspiring journey as a creator.  He went through all kinds of trials and tribulations to get this book made and he never gave up.  It shows the lengths that a creator can go when he just has to tell his story.  

Michael can be found online on Twitter.

Also, if you like this show, you might like my other show, Raging Nerdon where I chat about nerdy things with my co-host BJ Boothe.  This week we dive into some trailers most notably the recent ones for Justice League and Spider-Man Homecoming.  It’s a good time to be a nerd.  

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Lastly, if you're a horror comics creator, I want to hear from you!  Whether you're a first time writer launching a Kickstarter campaign or an established artist who has been working in the industry for years, you'd be a welcome guest on the show.  Reach out to me via email or on Twitter.

Music by Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)

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