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Alien Vault The Complete Story And Legacy Ian Nathan Poster Large

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The Fearing John F D Taff Large

Taste the fear in superb four-part apocalyptic novella sequence.

Inkstained On Creativity Writing And Art John Urbancik Poster Large

R.J. dives into the latest book on writing, John Urbancik's InkStained: On Creativity, Writing, and Art.

Choke Hold David Moody Poster Large

David Moody pulls out all the stops in this third book in "The Final War" series.

Fountain Dead Theresa Braun Large

Jennifer invites you to dive into this intriguing book.

Clowns Vs Spiders Jeff Strand Large

Clowns. Spiders. A fight to the death. Leave it to Jeff Strand to bring this epic battle to the pages.

Midnight In The Graveyard Kenneth W Cain Large

Midnight in the Graveyard unearths one winning story after another.

A Halloween Anthology Lisa Morton Large

R.J. tackles yet another book on the history of Halloween.

Video Nasty Mayhem Cover Large

In the 1980s, one label rose above them all...

Rage Jonathan Maberry Large

Joe Ledger's back with blood in his eye and mayhem on his mind.

Celestial Seepage Brian Fatah Large

A kick-ass librarian lands the job from hell!

Sinkhole A Horror Story April A Taylor Large

Beware the appearance of a giant sinkhole in the bottom of your garden!

The Festering Ones S H Cooper Large

A childhood trauma is never truly forgotten…

Off The Grid John Hunt Large

John Hunt returns with a genre-bending third novel effortlessly blending horror and thriller.

Hearthstone Cottage Frazer Lee Large

Uninspiring supernatural tale set in the Scottish Highlands.

Monster She Wrote Lisa Kroger Melanie R Anderson Large

Monster, She Wrote should be your go-to for new horror authors to explore.

Those Who Came Before J H Moncrieff Large

Superior monster novel with a thought provoking Native American twist.

False Bingo Jac Jemc Large

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The Halloween Encyclopedia Lisa Morton Large

Think you know all there is to know about Hallloween? Think again.

Once A Belmouth Tale David J Thacker Large

A windswept and out of season English seaside town is the perfect place for a ghost story.


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