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The Corruption Of Alston House John Quick Poster Large

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Fractured Tide Leslie Lutz Poster Large

Shipwrecked teens are stranded on a remote island which really does have a mind of its own.

Sabbath Nick Mamatas Poster Large

Mamatas delivers pulpy goodness with plenty of smart commentary in Sabbath.

Starve Acre Andrew Michael Hurley Poster Large

Exquisite supernatural drama built around the death of a child

Cult Filmmakers 50 Movie Mavericks Ian Haydn Smith Poster Large

Get ready for a tour of the greatest minds you'll never know.

The Place Of Broken Things Linda D Addison Alessandro Manzetti Poster Large

Find out what goes on in The Place of Broken Things.

A Touch Of Happy Andrew Kanago Poster Large

One touch from Mark and he can uncover your deepest and darkest secrets.

Compression Tim Cundle Poster Large

A teenage moment of madness results in a life of regret

Lullabies For Suffering Mark Matthews Poster Large

The authors in Lullabies for Suffering take the horror of addiction and make it even worse.

The Dead Girls Club Damien Angelica Waters Poster Large

"Red lady, red lady, show us your face..."

True Crime Samantha Kolesnik Poster Large

Samantha Kolesnik's debut book will destroy you.

Tales From The Cult Film Trenches Poster Large

Zig checks out this collection of interviews with cult film stars.

Snowball Gregory Bastianelli Poster Large

FOR REAL? A novel with killer snowmen is published in January!

Alien Vault The Complete Story And Legacy Ian Nathan Poster Large

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The Fearing John F D Taff Large

Taste the fear in superb four-part apocalyptic novella sequence.

Inkstained On Creativity Writing And Art John Urbancik Poster Large

R.J. dives into the latest book on writing, John Urbancik's InkStained: On Creativity, Writing, and Art.

Choke Hold David Moody Poster Large

David Moody pulls out all the stops in this third book in "The Final War" series.

Fountain Dead Theresa Braun Large

Jennifer invites you to dive into this intriguing book.

Clowns Vs Spiders Jeff Strand Large

Clowns. Spiders. A fight to the death. Leave it to Jeff Strand to bring this epic battle to the pages.

Midnight In The Graveyard Kenneth W Cain Large

Midnight in the Graveyard unearths one winning story after another.


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