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Best Horror Of The Year Volume 8 Ellen Datlow Cover

The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eight is another winner from editor Ellen Datlow.

Hells Bounty Joe John Lansdale Cover

The Lansdale brothers concoct a rip-roarin' tale of cowboys versus the demonic undead

I Am Providence Nick Mamatas Cover

Nick Mamatas is one of the most versatile authors working today, and I Am Providence is a testament to his talent.

The Night Parade Ronald Malfi Cover

Sometimes the monsters are human.

The Warren Brian Evenson Cover

Brian Evenson's latest novella focuses on the creeping, psychological horror of self.

The Jersey Devil Hunter Shea Cover

Hunter Shea is the undisputed master of monsters, and The Jersey Devil is his best book to date.

Noctuidae Scott Nicolay Cover

Scott Nicolay delivers a unique monster and a master class of tension and dialogue in Noctuidae.

Brothel Stephanie M Wytovich Cover

Stephanie M. Wytovich has opened the doors to her Brothel to everyone, and stepping through that door is the best thing you will do this week.

Pressure Brian Keene Cover

Brian Keene takes us on a terrifying summer trip to the deep ocean.

Blister Jeff Strand Cover

Those two annoying kids harrassing his dog are just the beginning of Jason's problems.

The Awakening Brett Mcbean Cover

Brett McBean’s The Awakening is the most intensely human coming-of-age story to come along in years.

Underwater Fistfight Matt Betts Cover

With Underwater Fistfight, Matt Betts wants to punch your brain underwater and fill it with weirdness, and you should let him.

Aliens The Set Photography Cover

R.J. revisits Aliens with this treasure of behind-the-scenes photos and tidbits from the 1986 film.

The Broken House Jacqueline Baker Cover

The Hours aren't thing that's broken in this novel.

Lost Signals Cover

The voices gathered here are as diverse and disturbing as susurrating whispers between radio stations or a signal from a dead man's hand.

Mongrels Stephen Graham Jones Cover

Stephen Graham Jones dazzles with his werewolf coming-of-age novel, Mongrels.

Rapture Of The Deep Cody Goodfellow Poster

With Rapture of the Deep, Cody Goodfellow cements his status as one of the top purveyors of Lovecraftian fiction.

But You Scared Me The Most John Manderino Cover

Sweet and sad, just like the best summer days. 

Disappearance At Devils Rock Paul Tremblay Cover

Paul Tremblay cements his status as one of the best voices in contemporary horor with a creepy tale of loss and ghostly presences.

Abomination Gary Whitta Cover

SomeTHING is on the loose in medieval England, only it's not exactly the THING you THINGk it is.


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