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The God Beneath My Garden Robert Ford Large

Discover The God Beneath My Garden. Be careful of what you find.

One By One D W Gillespie Large

Moving into a new home brings a troubled family terror of a different type.

Hail To The Chin Bruce Campbell Large

Listen up - Bruce Campbell is back with new stories to tell.

Entertaining Demons Daniel I Russell Large

A paranormal TV show catches the attention of the real deal….

Violet Scott Thomas Large

It's been a minute since Shane's been in the house, and he's back today with a glowing review of Scott Thomas' latest novel, Violet.

Shine Your Light On Me Lee Thompson Large

In small-town America a miracle soon becomes a curse.

No Ones Home D M Pulley Large

It's a buyer's market.

The Pale White Chad Lutzke Large

Grim story of sexual exploitation and redemption

Hole In The World Brian Keene Large

You knew airport shuttles were evil, this is just proof.

How To Survive A Horror Movie Seth Grahame Smith Large

The best survival guide for genre fans.

The End Of The Line Gray Williams Large

Mobsters capture a powerful demon and regret it pretty quick!

I Am Behind You John Ajvide Lindqvist Large

All the elements of terror, but no horrific payoff.

Silence In The Woods J P Choquette Large

A WWI-era novel that features employed married women, modern language, and an evil with vague origins.

Passages Kelli Owen Large

Welcome to McMillan Hall, where the kids can see ghosts, read your mind, and make you do things you don't want simply by telling you to.

Head Broken And Heartbroken Eddie Generous Large

Eddie Generous' collection Head-Broken and Heartbroken is aptly titled, as the stories within will break you somehow.

Nomad Jamie Nash Large

Looking for a beach read that moves like a bullet? Jamie Nash's Nomad may be it.

The Bus On Thursday Shirley Barrett Large

Thursday! What a concept! Surreal, dark, funny, laced with the awkwardness and madness of modern living.

In The Scrape James Newman Mark Steensland Large

Two young brothers dream of escaping from their abusive father.

By The Feet Of Men Grant Price Large

WANTED: Men and women willing to drive through the valley of the shadow of death

My Pretties Jeff Strand Large

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