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The End Of The Line Gray Williams Large

Mobsters capture a powerful demon and regret it pretty quick!

I Am Behind You John Ajvide Lindqvist Large

All the elements of terror, but no horrific payoff.

Silence In The Woods J P Choquette Large

A WWI-era novel that features employed married women, modern language, and an evil with vague origins.

Passages Kelli Owen Large

Welcome to McMillan Hall, where the kids can see ghosts, read your mind, and make you do things you don't want simply by telling you to.

Head Broken And Heartbroken Eddie Generous Large

Eddie Generous' collection Head-Broken and Heartbroken is aptly titled, as the stories within will break you somehow.

Nomad Jamie Nash Large

Looking for a beach read that moves like a bullet? Jamie Nash's Nomad may be it.

The Bus On Thursday Shirley Barrett Large

Thursday! What a concept! Surreal, dark, funny, laced with the awkwardness and madness of modern living.

In The Scrape James Newman Mark Steensland Large

Two young brothers dream of escaping from their abusive father.

By The Feet Of Men Grant Price Large

WANTED: Men and women willing to drive through the valley of the shadow of death

My Pretties Jeff Strand Large

Write your blurb for front page announcement here.

Wilted Lilies Kelli Owen Large

Don't mess with that person you might think is crazy. They might have some dangerous friends.

Kill For Satan Bryan Smith Large

Nothing compares to bloody, campy, over-the-top horror fiction.

Water Shall Refuse Them Large

Weirdness and witchcraft abound in Lucie McKnight Hardy's sickly hot summer horror.

Cockblock C V Hunt Large

C.V. Hunt delivers a funny, brutal, and very timely novel in Cockblock.

The Bedwetter Lee Allen Howard Large

Step inside everyone… It’s time to meet the ‘Mythical Piss Fairy’…

River Of Souls T L Bodine Large

Could a zombie holocaust ever be civilised? Take ‘Lazarus’ to find out!

Something In The Water Eddie Generous Large

There's Something in the Water, and Steve says it's Eddie Generous's depth as an author.

Ration Cody T Luff Large

Rations ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are the ultimate bargaining chips in a starving world.

A Sci Fi Swarm And Horror Horde Tom Weaver Large

There is a plethora of behind-the-scenes stories to be read in this latest book by Tom Weaver.

Howl Renee Miller Large

Three friends are out of luck, short of gas and stalked by a vicious monster in the middle of nowhere.


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