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Codename Prague 01

D. Harlan Wilson's Codename Prague, the second book in the Scikungfi Trilogy, is just as good – and completely jacked – as the first.

Theater Of Vampires 01

Spez takes in dinner and a show with some bloodsuckers...

Angel Of Vengeance 01

Steve reviews Trevor Munson's Angel of Vengeance and finds there's more than one vampire detective named Angel roaming the streets of LA.

Demons Night 01

Jason Dark is your supernatural Sherlock Holmes.

Dark Stars Rising 01

Steve Pattee digs Shade Rupe's Dark Stars Rising: Conversations from the Outer Realms.

Monstrous Creatures 01

James takes a look at what kind of monsters dwell under Jeff VanderMeer's bed.

Visitants 01

Steve Pattee reviews Visitants, an anthology of stories with angels as the theme. Wait...what?

Suicide Machine 01

Step right up and climb aboard the Suicide Machine! Make sure to tip Spez, your guide.

Blanket Of White 01

Steve turns the pages of Blanket of White and has mixed emotions.

Knuckle Supper 01

Drew Stepek gives a whole new meaning to the term "knuckle sandwich."  Spez checks out the finger lickin' good Knuckle Supper.

Fungus Of The Heart 01

Steve reviews Jeremy Shipp's Fungus of the Heart, the latest from Raw Dog Screaming Press. Bizarro fans, bust out your wallets.

The Fall 01

What's more cool than a vampire book that doesn't have any glitter? It's written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. Violence ensues!

The Circus Wagon

Steve checks out Andrew S. Fuller's short story, The Circus Wagon.

Breaking News An Autozombiography 01

What would you do in Merry Ole England when the dead rose? Spez found out when he read Breaking News: An Autozombiography, N. J. Hallard's debut novel.

The Dead Charlie Higson 01

Steve checks out The Dead, the newest book by Charlie Higson. Is it as good as The Enemy, the first book in the trilogy? Read more to find out!

Dr Identity Or Farewell To Plaquedemia D Harlan Wilson Poster

Have you ever read Bizarro fiction? If you haven't, you might want to look for D. Harlan Wilson's Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaquedemia. Hit that "read more" and let us tell you why.

Health Agent Jeffrey Thomas Poster Large

A deadly virus is sweeping through the city of Punktown, and health agents Montgomery Black and Opal Cowrie are in the thick of it. Steve Pattee reviews Health Agent by Jeffrey Thomas.

Sharp Teeth Toby Barlow Poster Large

James delivers his second review for Horror DNA today with a look at Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow.

The Filmmakers Book Of The Dead Poster

Today ZigZag tells you about The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead, a how-to guide to making movies, written by Danny Draven.

Pay Phone Brandon Ford Poster Large

Today Steve reviews the book Pay Phone by author Brandon Ford. He likes Ford's writing skill, but says "Pay Phone is an incredibly frustrating book, due to its bittersweet nature."

Read more to find out what he means.


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