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Going To Pieces Adam Rockoff Poster

Zig explores the history of the slasher film.

Blood Standard Laird Barron Large

Horror master Laird Barron dips his magical pen in the dark ink of gritty noir and creates a masterpiece in the process.

Kill Hill Carnage Tim Meyer Poster

Murder, monsters and mayhem in an abandoned summer camp.

Overnight Philip Fracassi Poster

A down at heel Hollywood security guard makes a big mistake.

Welcome To The Show Poster

Spend a night at the Shantyman, Death is upon us.

Worship Me Craig Stewart Poster

A Sunday morning church service becomes a trip to hell.

12 Gauge Songs From A Street Sweeper Dustin Lavalley Poster

A gut-punching trilogy of novellas in which the bad guys dust other guys even nastier than them.

All Hail The House Gods Andrew J Stone Poster

It’s a worshipper’s market in this bizarro tale.

Lost Highways D Alexander Ward Poster

Get your motor running, terror on the highway.

Behind The Door Mary Sangiovanni Poster

What lurks behind the Door? Don’t ask!

The Cabin At The End Of The World Paul Tremblay Poster

Gabino packs his bags for a trip to The Cabin at the End of the World.

Quilt Dan Padavona Poster

Short, but not too sharp, serial killer thriller

The 1990s Teen Horror Cycle Alexandra West Poster

The '90s were only like 10 years ago...right?!

Inhospitable Marshall Moore Poster

When did ghost stories get so boring?

Terror Is Our Business Dana Roberts Casebook Of Horrors Poster

Joe and Kasey Lansdale take readers on a series of haunting, often terrifying adventures sure to leave them breathless and longing for more.

Them James Watts Poster

You may have been born in a small town, but at least they didn't try to eat you.

The Haunting Of Cabin Green Poster

Jennifer finds out there's no escape in this gothic thriller.

Aetherchrist Kirk Jones Poster

What would you do if you saw yesterday’s version of yourself on TV?

Scouse Gothic Ian Mckinney Poster

Rachel enters Ian McKinney's world, where vampires and mortals co-exist.

The Night Dahlia Rs Belcher Poster

R.S. Belcher delivers another narrative that walks the line between everyday life and the surreal world of magic.


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