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The Many Lives Of The Evil Dead Book Large

ZigZag dives into this book of essays on the classic film.

Will Haunt You Brian Kirk Large

If you read this book, you may be putting your life at risk.

Where Stars Wont Shine Patrick Lacey Large

A prolific serial killer returns home for some unfinished business

The Devils Equinox John Everson Large

An off-the-cuff wish made in jest leads to a world of pain and loss.

Palace Of Ghosts Thomas S Flowers Large

A man's palace is his nightmare.

Darkness On The Horizon Christopher Renna Large

A secret vampire family arrives in a small American town.

Carnivorous Lunar Activities Max Booth III Large

Max Booth III delivers his best book so far with a wild, fun, brutal werewolf tale.

Judderman D A Northwood Large

In Judderman, D.A. Northwood takes the reader on a creepy, exciting tour of London Incognita.

Paradise Maine Jackson R Thomas Large

Seriously bloody splatterpunk novel which will put you off holidaying in Maine for life.

Horror Comic Never Dies 00

A lackluster retelling of the origins of macabre funny books.

The Migration Helen Marshall Large

What future awaits our children is one of many questions posed in this thought-provoking literary apocalyptic novel.

Excellent Ernesto Cousins 3 Wrestlevania A Play Your Way Book Large

More page-flipping adventures brings readers into a world of Luchidors, monsters and lots of jumping.

Great Big Teeth Eddie Generous Large

That time when a drilling accident unleashed those dinosaurs living under a town.

King Of The Road R S Belcher Large

This ride is anything but slow in this haunting tale.

The Girl Who Hid In The Trees Steve Stred Large

Remember your folks telling you not to venture into the forest? You should have listened!

The Auld Mither William Meikle Book Large

Head to the north of Scotland for some slice and dice local hospitality!

Foe Iain Reid Large

Superb genre-bending thriller about a lottery you do not want to win!

Kinfolk Matt Kurtz Large

Grindhouse Press dishes out the pain in blood-soaked cannibal hillbilly horror.

Zombie Cross Stitch Kristy Kizzee Erika Kern Large

Get your thread and needles; you're about to get your cross-stitch on.

Eaten Alive At A Chainsaw Massacre Poster

Zig checks out this book on the films of Tobe Hooper.


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