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Elevation Stephen King Poster

Oddly uplifting tale of a man who loses weight but retains the same outward appearance.

A Deep Horror That Was Very Nearly Awe J R Hamantaschen Poster

If you are looking for happy endings, look elsewhere.

Stranded Renee Miller Poster

A reality show heads to the Arctic looking for TV ratings, but finds something much worse.

Cursed By Christ Matthew Warner Poster

Christ is watching and he is pissed.

Sawkill Girls Claire Legrand Poster

A powerful evil feeds upon the girls of Sawkill Rock.

Skullface Boy Chad Lutzke Large

“My name is Levi. I’m 16. I’ve got a skull for a face. And here’s how shit went down.”

Teeth Kelli Owen Poster

With Teeth, author Kelli Owen promises to rebuild the vampire mythos. Does she succeed?

Shepherd Of The Black Sheep Kristopher Triana Poster

The brutal murder of a little girl has terrifying consequences for a close-knit community.

Fangoria Magazine Volume 02 Issue 01 Poster

The second coming of Fangoria is finally here. Find out what Steve thinks!

Alien The Cold Forge Alex White Poster

A new installation. New victims. The same company. Familiar horrors.

Doorbells At Dusk Evans Light Poster

This is one doorbell you should answer.

The House By The Cemetery John Everson Poster

The house may well be beside the cemetery, just don’t expect Lucio Fulci.

We Sold Our Souls Grady Hendrix Poster

Move over Ozzy, there’s a new metal god in town!

The Horrors Hiding In Plain Sight Rebecca Rowland Poster

Forget zombies and vampires; beware your next-door neighbour!

Going To Pieces Adam Rockoff Poster

Zig explores the history of the slasher film.

Blood Standard Laird Barron Large

Horror master Laird Barron dips his magical pen in the dark ink of gritty noir and creates a masterpiece in the process.

Kill Hill Carnage Tim Meyer Poster

Murder, monsters and mayhem in an abandoned summer camp.

Overnight Philip Fracassi Poster

A down at heel Hollywood security guard makes a big mistake.

Welcome To The Show Poster

Spend a night at the Shantyman, Death is upon us.

Worship Me Craig Stewart Poster

A Sunday morning church service becomes a trip to hell.


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