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Monster Squad Heather A Wixson Cover

Zig checks out this book filled with make-up artist interviews.

New Fears Mark Morris Cover

Editor Mark Morris takes what was once a time honored tradition and makes it new again with some of the best short horror I've encountered in the last decade.

The Wash Cary Christopher Cover

The Wash is a thriller blended with Aztec mythology.

Predator If It Bleeds Bryan Thomas Schmidt Cover

R.J. prepares to battle the perfect killing machine in this new anthology edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

Goblin Josh Malerman Poster

Small town weirdness with the enigmatic Josh Malerman.

The Ghost Club William Meikle Cover

Yet another collection of Victorian ghost stories? Not quite, so take a closer look…

The Illuminati The Secret Society That Hijacked The World Jim Marrs Poster

Ron knows so much about The Illuminati, we're convinced he's a member.

We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone Ronald Malfi Poster

Ronald Malfi has yet another page-turner with We Should have Left Well Enough Alone.

Kill Creek Scott Thomas Cover

Kill Creek turns the ghost story on its head and drags its face through blood and mud on its way to a shockingly violent, tremendous finale.

The Fury John Farris Cover

The Fury is both exciting and cringe inducing.

The Red Room And Other Tales Bruno Carlos Santos Cover

A new dark fiction collection, Brazilian style.

Ghost Towns Of New Jersey Timothy Regan Cover

Timothy Regan takes visitors on a tour of New Jersey's ghost towns to prove that the Garden State is much more than just guidos and bad traffic.

Mountain Sickness Frank Martin Cover

Jennifer gets down with the sickness with this exciting tale.

It Came From The Video Aisle Cover

Charlie Band's empire of big dreams and small creatures.

The Art Of Horror Movies Cover Stephen Jones

Christmas comes early for Zig.

Now That We Are Alone Nicholas Day Cover

A gut-punch of a collection from the beautifully twisted mind of author Nicholas Day.

21st Century Horror Films Poster

A new guide for the new century.

The Beauty Of Horror Ii Alan Robert Cover

A bloody good way to spend your Saturday night.

Blanky Kealan Patrick Burke Cover

Wiith Blanky, Kealan Patrick Burke explores impossible horrors and some that are too real.

Quiet Places Jasper Bark Poster

A terrifying pact is broken in a remote Scottish village.


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