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The Tracker John Hunt Poster

I never want to hear mention of bolt-cutters, a live rat and a bucket in the same sentence again. EVER. 

Ride The Star Wind Scott Gable C Dombrowski Poster

Cosmic space-opera horror anthology? Yes, please.

What The Hell Did I Just Read David Wong Poster

Greg's not sure what he just read, but he knows he liked it.

Widows Point Richard Billy Chizmar Poster

Three nights in a haunted lighthouse? It’s not going to end well…

Kill All Angels Robert Brockway Poster

My favorite fucked up punk rocker is back in this stunning conclusion to "The Vicious Circuit."

Glimpse Jonathan Maberry Poster

Freddy Krueger? Forget it… Doctor Nine is the new king of nightmares

Broken Shells Michael Patrick Harris Poster

If you’re offered a $5000 scratch card prize, JUST SAY NO!

Sip Brian Allen Carr Poster

Drink deep of this bleak, weird dystopia from an author to watch.

Knock And You Will See Me Andrew Cull Poster

Soon the dead come a knocking.

Monster Squad Heather A Wixson Poster

Zig checks out this book filled with make-up artist interviews.

New Fears Mark Morris Poster

Editor Mark Morris takes what was once a time honored tradition and makes it new again with some of the best short horror I've encountered in the last decade.

The Wash Cary Christopher Poster

The Wash is a thriller blended with Aztec mythology.

Predator If It Bleeds Bryan Thomas Schmidt Poster

R.J. prepares to battle the perfect killing machine in this new anthology edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

Goblin Josh Malerman Poster

Small town weirdness with the enigmatic Josh Malerman.

The Ghost Club William Meikle Poster

Yet another collection of Victorian ghost stories? Not quite, so take a closer look…

The Illuminati The Secret Society That Hijacked The World Jim Marrs Poster

Ron knows so much about The Illuminati, we're convinced he's a member.

We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone Ronald Malfi Poster

Ronald Malfi has yet another page-turner with We Should have Left Well Enough Alone.

Kill Creek Scott Thomas Poster

Kill Creek turns the ghost story on its head and drags its face through blood and mud on its way to a shockingly violent, tremendous finale.

The Fury John Farris Poster

The Fury is both exciting and cringe inducing.

The Red Room And Other Tales Bruno Carlos Santos Poster

A new dark fiction collection, Brazilian style.


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