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A God In The Shed J F Dubeau Cover

One of the best horror debuts to come along in years. J-F Dubeau is a force to be reckoned with.

Ghosts Of The Poconos Laura Hladik Hoffman Cover

The only thing scary about this book is that it exists at all.

Mormama Kit Reed Cover

Mormama? More like Less-is-mormama, amirite?

Just Add Water Hunter Shea Cover

In typical Shea fashion, Just Add Water is drenched in buckets of blood and violence with a heaping portion of hilarity added in for extra flavor

Aliens Bug Hunt Jonathan Maberry Cover

R.J. loads up and prepares to go on an Aliens: Bug Hunt, the latest anthology edited by Jonathan Maberry.

Hieroglyphs Of Blood And Bone Michael Griffin Cover

Sometimes you have to lose yourself on the journey to transformation and self-discovery.

Alien River Of Pain Small

 A cinematic Aliens experience... minus the cinema.

Red Right Hand Levi Black Poster

Jennifer learns that size isn't everything in this Lovecraftian tale.

Entropy In Bloom Stories Jeremy Robert Johnson Cover

This explosive collection is an excellent primer on bizarro horror.

Starr Creek Nathan Carson Cover

Nathan Carson delivers a weird, wonderful debut with Starr Creek.

Terra Insanus Edward Lee Cover

Edward Lee is much more than the king of hardcore horror, and Terra Insanus is proof of that.

We Are Always Watching Hunter Shea Cover

A wild, surreal ride through one family’s nightmare as they fight for their sanity and their lives

Feral James Demonaco B K Evenson Cover

A post-apocalyptic thriller with a new kind of walker.

Exorcist Falls Jonathan Janz Cover

The devil likes deep dish and Da Bears in this novel of possession and vigilantism.

Black Candies Gross And Unlikeable Natanya Ann Pulley Cover

In Gross and Unlikeable, the female of the species is always deadlier.

Skin Deep Ordinary Monsters Frank Martin Cover

Jennifer goes more than skin deep in these vampire tales.

Behold The Void Philip Fracassi Poster

To a new world of gods and monsters!

Static Orgone Jamie Grefe Cover

Grefe’s language is sexy, complex, and moving in the way of a song or a poem; viscerally emotional and dripping with intensely visual, colorful imagery.

Gender And The Quest Tom Powers Poster

Dry information and impassioned ideas that are slightly out of proportion; like a cookie with too few chocolate chips. 

Universal Harvester John Darnielle Poster

Universal Harvester is a sinister and sublime meditation on memory and loss.


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