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They Dont Come Home Anymore T E Grau Cover

Teenage angst leads to unholy pacts in this new novella.

Feeding Hannibal Cover

Zig is eager to try these recipes... but is he up to the challenge?

Punk Rock Ghost Story David Agranoff Cover

Punk may be dead, but it won't stay buried.

West Virginas Dark Tourism Tony Urban Cover

Tony Urban invites you to explore West Virginia's haunting, dark and sometimes quirky landmarks, as he highlights what the state offers travelers.

Greetings From Moon Hill Anthony J Rapino Cover

Take a trip to Moon Hill and learn about all the weird and wacky residents.

The Thrill Of Repulsion William Burns Cover

If you're a horror fan and like reading blogs, but for some reason would prefer to pay to do so, this might be the book for you.

Bones Are Made To Be Broken Paul Michael Anderson Cover

If Bradbury or Kafka lived in the 21st century, they might write stories like Paul Michael Anderson.

Dracula Vs Hitler Patrick Sheane Duncan Cover

The Dracula mythos gets fresh blood in this action-packed adventure.

Charlie The Choo Choo Cover

Zig shares a letter written by a lady concerned about a strange children's book.

A Congregation Of Jackals S Craig Zahler Small

Buy this book. There's your intro.

The Sludge David Bernstein Cover

Dumping toxic waste generally doesn't lead to a good time, but David Bernstein's The Sludge is an exception.

The Fisherman John Langan Cover

This horror masterpiece will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

The Empty Ones Robert Brockway Cover

A passionately funny and terrifying tour de force from one of the most original authors to take up a pen in recent years.

Stranded Bracken Macleod Poster

A perfect nailbiter to get "Stranded" at home with this winter.

Mirror Image Michael Scott Melanie Ruth Rose Cover

This tale of a possessed mirror stumbles into seven years of bad luck.

Loch Ness Revenge Hunter Shea Cover

An incomparable, harrowing, and sometimes ridiculously funny thrill ride from a true master.

All Night Terror Adam Cesare Matt Serafini Cover

Adam Cesare and Matt Serafini deliver one of the best collaborations of 2016 in All-Night Terror.

The Unnoticeables Robert Brockway Cover

An incomparable, harrowing, and sometimes ridiculously funny thrill ride from a true master.

Dead Letters Conrad Williams Cover

Jennifer wouldn't return this collection to sender.

Welcome To Deadland Zachary Tyler Linville Cover

In a world overrun by zombies, the lives of three young adults will cross paths and change them all forever.


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