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Morbius 4 Large

A new monster rises as the living vampire falls victim to his transformation.

Gotham City Monsters 6 Large

A bone-shattering finale leaves the door open for more monster-filled adventures.

Undone By Blood 1 Large

A quest for vengeance begins.

Herd 1 Large

This is an anthropology lesson I can get behind.

Daphne Byrne 2 Large

What's scarier? This spirit or the mean girls?

Family Tree 3 Large

Get ready for some botanical body horror.

The Show Large

-comic-reviewThe Truman Show meets Oldboy.

Blackwood Mourning After 1 Large

Class is once again in session, with all the carnage that comes with it.

Batman 88 Large

Digging up your enemy's body is a totally natural thing to do, right?

Scream Curse Of Carnage 3 Large

What evils lurk in the depths of the water?

Something Is Killing The Children 5 Large

Erica Slaughter vs. the monster. ‘Nuff said.

Cult Classic Creature Feature 4 Large

How do you fight a horde of skeleton monsters?

Ravencroft 1 Large

A new institute for the criminally insane just opened in the Marvel Universe.

Enlightenment Large

Even in the darkest moments, there’s hope.

Road Trip To Hell 2 Large

Killing Nazis will always be fun.

Twisted Dark Volume 7 Large

The gripping anthology series enters its second season with a clearer picture.

Ghostbusters Year One 1 Large

You think you know how the Ghostbusters started, but you’d be wrong.

Hellboy Winter Special 2019 Large

This collection is creepier than The Polar Express.

Vamp 2 Large

It’s like Casino with vampires.

Tales From Harrow County 2 Large

Monsters and adventure await.


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