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Ghost Rider 1 Large

Double the Ghost Riders, double the fun! And death. There's a lot of death.

Ghoster Large

The Ghostbusters have some impressive competition here.

Psycho List 2 Large

This is why you don't peek into people's dreams.

Dceased 5 Large

Have you ever cried from a horror comic? You will.

Mountainhead 2 Large

What do you do when you find a hot pile of meat on the street?

Nomen Omen 1 Large

Urban fantasy is taken to new heights in this series.

Contagion 1 Large

A disease is spreading across the planet and it's starting on Yancy Street.

Twilight Man Large

Delve into the life of Rod Serling in this solid biography comic.

Steeple 1 Large

This is the horror sitcom I didn't know I wanted.

Venom 18 Large

Eddie's son runs for his life as symbiotes are practically falling from the sky.

Immortal Hulk 23 Large

Blockbuster action meets unsettling body horror.

Man Who Came Down Attic Stairs Large

Ever wonder how terrifying it is to care for a newborn?

Gotham City Monsters 1 Large

When a demon from Mars shows up, you want a few monsters on your side.

Absolute Carnage 3 Large

Carnage pulls a fast one as the terror continues to rise.

Dceased A Good Day To Die 1 Large

The lesser-known heroes of the DC Universe unite to combat the global threat.

Something Is Killing The Children 1 Large

You kind of know what you're in for with a title like that, huh?

Chastity 1 Large

The half-vampire / half-human is up against an evil she can't punch.

Tommy Gun Wizards 1 Large

The Untouchables fight a magic-fueled Al Capone.

Doctor Mirage 1 Large

Here comes the gritty supernatural mystery you've been waiting for.

Batman Superman 1 Large

The Batman Who Laughs' grand plan takes form.


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