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Border Town 3 Cover

This comic could not be more relevant in today’s heated political landscape.

Sink 6 Cover

The van is back and holy crap is that a lot of blood.

Wayward 30 Cover

All good things must come to an end and what an end this is.

Bloodborne Vol 1 Cover

Ryan explores the world of Bloodborne in Volume 1 and joins the Hunter on a journey of mysteries and monsters.

Burnouts 2 Cover

Ever see an alien's head smashed in by a baseball bat? You will.

Batman Kings Of Fear 3 Cover

Batman is super high on the Scarecrow's fear gas and probably shouldn't be jumping off rooftops right now.

Red Sonja Halloween Special Cover

The warrior woman tears into ghosts, werewolves, and cult leaders in this oversized special.

Backstagers Halloween Intermission 1 Cover

What monsters lurk in the backstage on Halloween?

Babyteeth 13 Cover

Meet the Devil's pet, Destroylaydon. It's a shark / spider / scorpion.

Frankenstein Alive Alive Cover

Where does the monster go after Mary Shelley's book ends?

Exorsisters 1 Cover

Picture Supernatural if the Winchesters were girls.

Submerged 3 Cover

Journey into the treacherous territory of the New York City subway system.

Tart 7 Cover

Get a revealing look into what makes some of the Toxic Fruit girls tick.

Murder Falcon 1 Cover

Get ready to meet your new spirit animal.

Blackbird 1 Cover

A land of magical terrors lurks just beneath the surface of our own.

Cursed Comics Calvacade 1 Cover

Horror invades the DC Universe in this over-sized anthology.

Our Final Halloween Cover

Five kids wake up in a house covered in blood with no memory of how they got there. What happens next?

House Of Fear Teeth Cover

Here comes the creepiest Tooth Fairy you've ever seen.

Star Wars Vaders Castle 3 Cover

Horror comes to a galaxy far, far away.

Redneck 15 Cover

Wait…is this a quiet, reflective evening for the Bowman clan? No one’s going to die this month?


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