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Hex Wives 4 Large

Hex Wives is steadily building to something big.

Vampblade Season 3 8 Large

Vampblade goes to Hell out of love.

Mars Attacks 4 Large

Who knew an alien invasion could drive someone insane?

Evolution 13 Large

The three stories begin to converge in Los Angeles as things get more and more terrifying.

A Walk Through Hell 7 Large

A walk through a warehouse has never been scarier.

Buffy 1 Large

We return to the Hellmouth as this new comic takes us back to the beginning.

Spider King Frostbite Large

Hrolf and his fellow Vikings encounter a new alien menace.

Blossoms 666 Large

Is it that far-fetched to think Jason and Cheryl Blossom are evil?

Sink 7 00

What happens to the nice guys in Sinkhill?

Ghostbusters 20 20 00

A new batch of Ghostbusters takes up the mantle. They ain't afraid of no ghosts either.

Babyteeth 14 00

This would be one messed up episode of the Maury Povich show.

Elvira 4 00

The time travel troubles take Elvira back to Los Angeles...albeit 80 years too early.

Appalachian Apocalypse 1 00

Zombies hit the Civil War in this historical horror humor comic.

Venom 10 00

Eddie Brock takes a painful trip down memory lane.

Batman Who Laughs 2 00

Batman has to outthink himself as a twisted alternate version of the Dark Knight attacks.

Little Girl 3 00

The ghost of Abby May is about to get her revenge.

Freeze 2 00

Take a zombie comic, then remove the zombies but keep the tension.

House Amok 4 00

It’s Natural Born Killers with a Lovecraftian twist.

Poser 4 00

The killer's identity is revealed amid an ever-growing pile of bodies.

Die 2 00

Ash and the others return to this fantasy world and confront evils from the past.


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