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Stranger Things 3 Main

A great companion to the first season, although not entirely necessary.

Black Betty 6 00

Betty doesn't fight monsters for free, even for little deaf kids.

Redneck 17 00

This is probably the last happy moment for the vampire Bowmans.

Kim Reaper Vampire Island 4 00

Nothing is safe in the nightmare realm. Not even puppies.

Batman Kings Of Fear 4 00

The Scarecrow drops some harsh truths on the Caped Crusader.

Regression 13 00

Past lives come back to terrorize the present as this series builds towards a monumental climax.

Come Into Me 4 Cover

This is easily one of the best horror comics of the year.

Night Moves 1 Cover

Noir meets horror in this packed debut issue.

Long Lost Part 2 4 Cover

The picture is still a little murky, but this series is still so very creepy.

Gideon Falls 8 Cover

The mystery of the Black Barn deepens across time and space.

Venom 8 Cover

The Venom comic tailor made for every fan of the character.

Infinite Dark 2 Cover

A murder on a space station carrying the last remnants of humanity makes for a tense read.

Exorsisters 2 Cover

What's the worst thing you could do to a loved one? Now multiply that by a thousand.

Bitter Root 1 Cover

Move over, Sam and Dean Winchester. There's a new monster-hunting family in town.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 5 Cover

Frank Castle faces his biggest failure in the most bombastic way possible.

Eclipse 12 Cover

You'd think I'd get tired of seeing someone's face melt off, but you'd be wrong.

Road Of The Dead 1 Cover

Is there room for yet another zombie comic? Yes, there is.

Curse Of Brimstone 8 Cover

Get ready for some vomit-inducing pus-filled undead!

Farmhand 5 Cover

What could go wrong when you grow body parts on a farm?

Murder Falcon 2 Cover

Jake has to get the band back together to fight monsters with the power of metal.


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