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Poser 4 00

The killer's identity is revealed amid an ever-growing pile of bodies.

Die 2 00

Ash and the others return to this fantasy world and confront evils from the past.

Web Of Venom Unleashed 00

The Venom dog springs into action to track down Carnage.

Murder 1 00

One part Animosity. One part Animal Farm. 100% vegan.

Revenge Of Wonderland 6 00

The insanity of Wonderland will never cease.

House Of Fear Dead Lake 00

Seriously, don't go into the woods. How hard is this, people?

Redneck 18 00

The Bowmans' time of happiness was bound to end sooner or later, but who knew it was going to be this bloody?

Raven 11 00

Raven battles supernatural terrors across multiple worlds while her home life falls apart.

Black Betty 7 00

Just an average run through a town full of murderous people.

Hex Wives 3 00

Get ready for one helluva gaslighting.

Immortal Hulk 11 00

The Hulk walks through Hell, literally.

Books Of Magic 3 00

Tim Hunter could destroy the world or save it.

Jughead The Hunger 11 00

What's next for Frankenmoose?!

Blackening 1 00

What if you could live forever, but at the cost of your humanity?

Cold Spots 5 Cover

This comic has some of the scariest ghosts you'll see all year.

Sweet Heart 1 Cover

A boy's life is changed forever when he's marked by a monster.

Halloween Man Hallowtide 1 Cover

Spring-Heeled Jack comes to Solar City.

Empty Man 3 Cover

The Whisper Oracles descend on the neighborhood in a wave of violence.

Bone Parish 5 Cover

Witness the calm before the storm as the Winters bury one of their own.

Mars Attacks 3 00

A Martian warzone is probably not the best time for a heart-to-heart with your dad.


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