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Outcast 37 00

Dig into Simon's backstory and why he left his family in this stunning flashback issue.

A Walk Through Hell 6 00

A walk through an abandoned warehouse has never been scarier.

Burnouts 4 00

Someone's possessed by an alien, but who could it be?

Exorsisters 3 00

Meet Buzz, the weird goth kid that got turned into a fly with a goatee.

Empty Man 2 00

It’s like a more horrifying version of Outbreak, but without the monkeys.

Batman Who Laughs 1 00

A complicated path to a pretty awesome conflict.

Spawn Kills Everyone Too 1 00

An uncomfortable middle finger to anyone that ever doubted Todd McFarlane.

House Of Waxwork 3 00

Horrifying sushi and demonic flesh pants await in this anthology comic.

Die 1 00

Picture Stephen King's It mixed with The Never-Ending Story.

Fearscape 3 00

Have you ever wanted to strangle a fictional character?

Lip Hook 00

Maybe skip this town if you're touring the British Isles.

Freeze 1 00

It's like Out of This World, but more terrifying.

Hex Wives 2 00

This place will give Stepford a run for its money.

Stranger Things 3 Main

A great companion to the first season, although not entirely necessary.

Black Betty 6 00

Betty doesn't fight monsters for free, even for little deaf kids.

Redneck 17 00

This is probably the last happy moment for the vampire Bowmans.

Kim Reaper Vampire Island 4 00

Nothing is safe in the nightmare realm. Not even puppies.

Batman Kings Of Fear 4 00

The Scarecrow drops some harsh truths on the Caped Crusader.

Regression 13 00

Past lives come back to terrorize the present as this series builds towards a monumental climax.

Come Into Me 4 Cover

This is easily one of the best horror comics of the year.


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