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Fearscape 1 Cover

Meet the newest character you'll love to hate.

Hellicious 3 Cover

Get ready for a Looney Tunes trip through the underworld.

Justice League Dark 3 Cover

Get ready for a whole new set of nightmares thanks to the Upside-Down Man.

Little Girl 2 Cover

Abby May's reign of terror continues, targeting whoever picks up her toy penguin next.

Cold Spots 2 Cover

Cold Spots #2 has ghosts, and island, and a little girl with strange powers. But it's NOT The Ring!

Long Lost Part 2 2 Cover

Things go from bad to worse for Piper and Frances.

Wretched Things Cover

It's like The Secret of NIMH if they were attacking people.

Death Dreamer Vol 1 Cover

A whole lot of information crammed into this book following an overtly-macabre-named central character.

Empres Volume 1 Cover

Old school Hollywood meets creepy goblins in this indie book.

Road Trip To Hell 1 Cover

You think you've got it bad? This kid's dad is Satan.

Batman Damned 1 Cover

Come for the Bat-Dong. Stay for the awesome comic.

Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell Cover

Over 30 stories featuring a variety of Lovecraftian monsters. 'nuff said.

Family Graves 1 Cover

The Munsters meets Lost in Space in this new indie comic.

Come Into Me 3 Cover

Get ready for some of the most terrifying body horror you've seen in ages.

Long Con 2 Cover

Watch out for the feral tweens!

Cosmic Ghost Rider 3 Cover

Get ready for a whole lot of murder as Frank Castle kills just about everyone.

Leviathan 2 Cover

These dinosaurs have had a free ride for too long. This time the extinction will stick.

Secret Santas Cover

Get ready for a dark and twisted version of Jingle All The Way.

Immortal Hulk 5 Cover

The Hulk and Sasquatch square off in a hospital and it's as awesome as it sounds.

Of Stone Cover

You might have found your next favorite fantasy epic.


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