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Cosmic Ghost Rider 3 Cover

Get ready for a whole lot of murder as Frank Castle kills just about everyone.

Leviathan 2 Cover

These dinosaurs have had a free ride for too long. This time the extinction will stick.

Secret Santas Cover

Get ready for a dark and twisted version of Jingle All The Way.

Immortal Hulk 5 Cover

The Hulk and Sasquatch square off in a hospital and it's as awesome as it sounds.

Of Stone Cover

You might have found your next favorite fantasy epic.

The Dreaming 1 Cover

The troubles for the Dream realm deepen.

Pestilence A Story Of Satan 4 Cover

How do you solve a problem like Satan?

Marilyns Monsters Cover

A dark alternate take on Norma Jean Baker's transformation into the blonde bombshell.

Breathless 4 Cover

Scout takes the fight to the pharmaceutical companies with monsters in tow.

Blackwood 4 Cover

This is one helluva freshmen orientation.

Border Town 1 Cover

You can try to build a border wall, but that's not going to stop these supernatural creatures.

Brothers Dracul 5 Cover

A blood-soaked ending that will have you begging for more.

Web Of Venom Venam 1 Cover

Nick Fury and Wolverine head into the jungles of Vietnam to fight Venom symbiotes. 'Nuff said.

Wayward 28 Cover

Who knew fighting a monster in Japan could be so destructive?

Dr Orange Cover

It's attack of the killer pumpkin!

House Amok 1 Cover

A family road trip goes to some pretty dark places for the Sandifers.

A Walk Through Hell 4 Cover

You never know what you might find at a crime scene. Is that a torso?

Bedtime Games 3 Cover

A Stephen King vibe puts this comic over the top on the terror scale.

Zombie Tramp 51 00

Janey Belle may be dead, but her story continues.

Bone Parish 2 Cover

It’s like The Wire…with drugs made from dead people.


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