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Pestilence A Story Of Satan 4 Cover

How do you solve a problem like Satan?

Marilyns Monsters Cover

A dark alternate take on Norma Jean Baker's transformation into the blonde bombshell.

Breathless 4 Cover

Scout takes the fight to the pharmaceutical companies with monsters in tow.

Blackwood 4 Cover

This is one helluva freshmen orientation.

Border Town 1 Cover

You can try to build a border wall, but that's not going to stop these supernatural creatures.

Brothers Dracul 5 Cover

A blood-soaked ending that will have you begging for more.

Web Of Venom Venam 1 Cover

Nick Fury and Wolverine head into the jungles of Vietnam to fight Venom symbiotes. 'Nuff said.

Wayward 28 Cover

Who knew fighting a monster in Japan could be so destructive?

Dr Orange Cover

It's attack of the killer pumpkin!

House Amok 1 Cover

A family road trip goes to some pretty dark places for the Sandifers.

A Walk Through Hell 4 Cover

You never know what you might find at a crime scene. Is that a torso?

Bedtime Games 3 Cover

A Stephen King vibe puts this comic over the top on the terror scale.

Zombie Tramp 51 00

Janey Belle may be dead, but her story continues.

Bone Parish 2 Cover

It’s like The Wire…with drugs made from dead people.

Counting Down From One Cover

It's like Final Destination, but with time travelers.

Redneck 14 Cover

The Bowmans collide with the Parliament of Elders. That can’t be good.

Mammon Cover

Start with Dracula and add so much more the the mythos.

Cold Spots 1 Cover

It's fitting that this comic is chilling to read.

Jughead The Hunger 8 Cover

Just how long have werewolves been in this town? You'd think they'd move sooner or later.

Batman Kings Of Fear 1 Cover

You'd think Batman would be used to these kind of nights by now.


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