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Cold Spots 1 Cover

It's fitting that this comic is chilling to read.

Jughead The Hunger 8 Cover

Just how long have werewolves been in this town? You'd think they'd move sooner or later.

Batman Kings Of Fear 1 Cover

You'd think Batman would be used to these kind of nights by now.

Wrapped Up 10 Cover

The Mummy family vacation is almost ruined by a horde of monsters. This will not stand.

Grave Danger 1 Cover

Zombies, demons, and all kinds of monsters are just an average day for Grave Danger: Agent of Headstone.

Morning Star 2 Cover

The monster hunters get the band back together before approaching Legion.

Gideon Falls 6 Cover

Get ready for one of the best single issues of the year.

Junior Braves Vol 2 Cover

Have you gotten your zombie killing merit badge?

Hellicious 2 Cover

More monsters! More hellfire! More insane antics!

Babyteeth 12 Cover

The continuing adventure of a young woman and her Anti-Christ baby heats up...literally.

Evolution 9 Cover

We're getting closer to answers and the tension is not letting up.

Shadow Roads 2 Cover

The series takes some leaps and bounds in story, greatly expanding the mythos of this creepy world.

Gravediggers Union 9 Cover

Everything rides on the survival of the ancient space-monkey.

Oblivion Song 6 Cover

You'd think returning to our world would be a lot easier by this point.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 2 Cover

Galactus, Space Sharks, and Baby Thanos are just some of the fun included in this comic.

Predator Hunters Ii 1 Cover

Get ready for the Predator's war on terror.

Farmhand 2 Cover

This is shaping up to be an awesome mix of comedy and horror.

Sandman Universe 1 Cover

Sandman is back and just as fantastical as ever.

Long Lost 7 Cover

The second half of this foreboding series picks up the pace and gets crazy.

Culdesac Cover

Welcome to the weirdest street in the neighborhood. There’s a lot of blood.


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