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Absolute Carnage 5 Large

This massive event comes to a close. Does it stick the landing?

Frank At Home On The Farm 2 Large

There's nothing normal about Frank, his farm, or his home.

Halloween Man 18 Large

Some white racists get what's coming to them in this indie comic.

Something Killing Children 3 Large

Erica Slaughter offers salvation to Archer's Peak.

Black Stars Above 1 Large

A young girl heads out into the woods. Seriously, no one should go into the woods.

The Dollhouse Family 1 Large

A creepy dollhouse from a long lost relative is totally normal, right?

The Plot 2 Large

The Blaine family house is definitely haunted, but just how haunted is it?

The Theory Vol 1 Large

Twisted Dark...in space!

Collapse Vol 1 Large

So this is what living in a video game feels like.

The Family Graves Large

What if the Incredibles were monsters?

Basketful Of Heads 1 Large

Hill House Comics debuts its first book, light on scares but heavy on ominous tones.

Resonant 4 Large

This is a terrifying version of Gilligan's Island.

Wolvenheart 1 Large

If Buffy and James Bond had a kid, it would be Sterling Cross.

Cult Classic Creature Feature 1 Large


Alien monsters, small towns, and pure, unbridled terror are what's in store for this book.

Plb 2019 Halloween Special Large

Delve into an indie anthology full of scares.

Justice League Dark 16 Large

A tie-in that puts a horror spin on the latest big DCU event.

Absolute Carnage 4 Large

Venom Hulk. 'Nuff said.

Swimming In Darkness Large

A Twin Peaks-style moody thriller that stops just short of a satisfactory conclusion.

Secrets Of Sinister House Large

A horror anthology packed with super heroes and all sorts of monsters. What's not to love?

I Pledge Allegiance To The Mask 1 Large

Jim Carey this is not.


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