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Manor Black 1 00

If you liked Harrow County, you'll love this.

Farmhand 10 00

That is one whopper of a cliffhanger.

Ghost Tree 4 00

A powerful and frightening look at very real fears.

Vampirella 1 00

That's one bombastic way to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Justice League Dark 13 00

The calm before the storm gives us some interesting looks at the team.

Road Of Bones 3 00

It was only a matter of time before blood was spilled in these mountains.

Resonant 1 00

I'll never get mad at a cricket's chirp again.

Unearth 1 00

Body horror like no other comes from deep within the Earth.

Bettie Page Unbond 2 00

Bettie Page takes on Vampirella in this journey through the heroines from Dynamite Entertainment.

Wolverine Vs Blade 00

A popcorn flick of a one-shot full of vampires, blood, and chaos.

Bitter Root Red Summer 00

This is an anthology I can get behind, filled to the brim with monsters.

Venom 16 00

Somehow the calm before the storm is still covered in blood.

Buffy 6 00

It's never a good idea to enter a dark cave full of giant bugs and skeletons.

Outer Darkness 8 00

Mix Firefly with Aliens and you have an idea of what to expect from this book.

Redneck 21 00

Just a reminder, folks: these are vampires. They're literal monsters.

Savage Avengers 3 00

There's just so much blood.

Dceased 3 00

The virus reaches Atlantis and Superman tries to keep up.

Stranger Things Six 2 00

Francine's story gets even creepier as she settles into the Hawkins Laboratory.

Transdimensional 4 00

That's one way to pay for your medical bills.

Ghost Tree 3 00

A giant centipede monster is just one of the troubles facing Brandt in these woods.


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