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Something Is Killing The Children 1 Large

You kind of know what you're in for with a title like that, huh?

Chastity 1 Large

The half-vampire / half-human is up against an evil she can't punch.

Tommy Gun Wizards 1 Large

The Untouchables fight a magic-fueled Al Capone.

Doctor Mirage 1 Large

Here comes the gritty supernatural mystery you've been waiting for.

Batman Superman 1 Large

The Batman Who Laughs' grand plan takes form.

Absolute Carnage 2 Large

This book will scare the crap out of you.

Resonant 2 Large

These folks just can't catch a break.

Manor Black 2 Large

This is easily one of the creepiest books on the stands today.

Mountainhead 1 Large

Abraham's life just got pretty friggin' complicated.

Faithless 5 Large

More tension as the evil rises for young Faith.

Absolute Carnage Vs Deadpool 1 Large

The Merc with a Mouth finally checks himself into a mental institution.

Once Future 1 Large

Have you met the Questing Beast? You can't unsee this thing.

Collapser 2 Large

That's one surefire way to end up in a mental institution.

Shows End 1 Large

Picture a supernatural take on Freaks or Geek Love.

Lenore 1 Large

Your favorite living dead girl is back for more crazy antics.

Sink 10 Large

These two are going to have one crazy story to tell their grandkids.

Babyteeth 15 Large

A war rages between Heaven and Hell and a young boy is caught in the middle.

Frank At Home On The Farm 1 00

Is this a twisted version of Home Alone?

Avengers 22 00

Ghost Rider takes center stage as Earth's Mightiest Heroes prepare an exorcism.

Stranger Things Six 3 00

Things heat up...literally…in the penultimate issue of the series.


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