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Immortal Hulk 20 00

Get ready for some of the most insane monster-on-monster action you'll see all year.

Crow Hack Slash 1 00

If only 8th grade me could see this comic.

Martian Manhunter 6 00

Mars burns as J'onn struggles to keep his family alive

Dark Red 4 00

If you thought you hated Nazis before, just wait until you read this comic.

Farmhand 9 00

How could this book possibly get weirder or more disturbing?

Hellboy Bprd Beast Vargu 00

Write your blurb for front page announcement here.

Sabrina Teenage Witch 3 00

Looking for a healthy blend of teen drama and the supernatural? Sabrina has you covered.

Punk Mambo 3 00

A cornered animal is a far more dangerous one.

Road Of Bones 2 00

Place your bets as to what will kill these guys first.

Angel 2 00

A supernatural being is attacking innocents through their cellphones. Maybe that will finally get people to put them away.

Transformers Ghostbusters 1 00

A pop culture event 35 years in the making delivers everything I could have hoped for.

Miskatonic High 3 00

The most infuriating member of the cast takes center stage...and I don't hate it?

Gideon Falls 14 00

The mystery deepens as Father Burke bounces through time.

John The Swamp Dude Mobie Graye 00

A squid monster has to solve a murder mystery like no other in this indie title.

Atlantis Wasnt Built For Tourists Vol 1 00

The real scary stuff always comes from the small towns.

Barbra Macabres Morbid Museum 1 00

There's a reason you only saw Uncle Creepy for small intervals.

Our Final Halloween 00

What happens after the horror movie ends?

Butcher With A Smile 1 00

A killer lurks the streets of NYC, but to what end?

Elvira 6 00

If anyone can outwit Satan, it's Elvira.

Venom 15 00

The War of the Realms tie-in concludes, but without any real change for either side.


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