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Revenant One Main

The Whitechapel Killer may have met his match in this new series.

Morning In America 1 Main

Head back to 1983 as monsters terrorize this small town.

Hex Wives 5 Main

The women discover their powers, much to the dismay of the men.

Wulfborne 1 Main

A monster-filled journey begins, but what waits at the end of this path?

Buffy 2 Main

Wait. Is Cordelia tolerable now?

Bitter Root 4 Main

The battle for Harlem intensifies as more monsters join the fray.

Venom 11 Main

The bond between Eddie and the symbiote is challenged in a terrifying manner.

Jughead The Hunger 12 Main

Bingo returns and I swear it's a lot scarier than that sounds.

Exorsisters 5 Main

Here comes the First Shadow, the real big bad of this series and the entire universe.

Fearscape 4 Main

I want nothing more than to see the main character beaten to death with his own arms.

Empress Volume 2 Main

Zia returns to Hollywood, but first we learn about her ancestors.

Sweet Heart 2 Main

Maddie's first day of high school is interrupted by her stalker monster.

Malevelents 00

One of the scariest comics of 2015 is back with a new edition packed with bonus features.

Zachariah Thorn 2 Main

You can fight against the darkness, but you'll still have to deal with all this personal drama.

Resurrection Men 2 Main

Why is bringing someone back from the dead so complicated?

Survivor Main

An anthology about surviving everything from demons to a marathon.

Die 3 Main

Even the NPCs are full of life in this comic.

Empty Man 4 Main

The virus manifests as a giant and terrifying monster and that's just one of the problems we're facing.

Little Girl 4 Main

Abby May's life as a ghost comes an end in a heartbreaking and moving way.

Immortal Hulk 13 Main

The Hulk carves a path out of Hell and reinvents his origin along the way.


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