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Replacer 00

Marcus' father suffers from a debilitating stroke...or did he get possessed by a demon?

Murder Falcon 7 00

A new ally joins the fight against the dread Magnum Khaos.

Zombie Tramp 58 00

The new Zombie Tramp tears into her enemies in a vicious fashion.

Infinite Dark 5 00

What happens when you come back from the brink?

Ronin Island 2 00

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Hana and Kenichi must make a tough decision.

Vampirella Vs Reanimator 4 00

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as a god-level battle ensues.

Faithless 1 00

Hell has noticed Faith, but what will it do with her next?

Long Con 8 00

Fandom has never been this deadly or this ridiculous.

Lab Raider 1 00

Animal rights get a horror take in this new series.

Web Of Venom Cult Of Carnage 00

The build up towards Absolute Carnage continues in the small town of Doverton, Colorado.

Batman Who Laughs 4 00

The Dark Knight gets Joker-fied as he fights an alternate version of himself.

Die 5 00

The game is changed as the series reaches the end of its first arc.

Realm 12 00

It's The Walking Dead with gremlins and orcs.

Jughead The Hunger 13 00

It's werewolf vs. werewolf as this series finishes its first season.

Outcast 40 00

You can cut the tension in this book with a knife as it nears the end of its run.

Lollipop Kids 4 00

Monster Squad meets Flight of the Navigator in this horror comic.

Ice Cream Man 11 00

Get ready for a bizarre journey through reality television.

Martian Manhunter 4 00

True Detective meets Cronenberg's The Fly in this awesome series.

Farmhand 6 00

Blending humor and horror in this delightfully creepy way.

Bone Parish 8 00

It's never a good idea to dip into your own supply.


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