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Barbra Macabres Morbid Museum 1 00

There's a reason you only saw Uncle Creepy for small intervals.

Our Final Halloween 00

What happens after the horror movie ends?

Butcher With A Smile 1 00

A killer lurks the streets of NYC, but to what end?

Elvira 6 00

If anyone can outwit Satan, it's Elvira.

Venom 15 00

The War of the Realms tie-in concludes, but without any real change for either side.

Batman Who Laughs 6 00

How can you make this monster even scarier?

Ronin Island 4 00

Meet the latest villain you'll love to hate.

Jughead Vs Vampironica 2 00

We saw the vampires, now meet the werewolves.

Buffy 5 00

Xander is a vampire, so at least now he has something to do.

Hellboy Vs Lobster Johnson 00

Hellboy in Mexico with a luchador? Sign me up!

Dceased 2 00

Can Batman fight a deadly virus that's killing millions?

Dark Red 3 00

Even in a world of vampires, Nazis are still the worst.

Beasts Of Burden Presence Of Others 2 00

You'll never look at a murder of crows the same way again.

A Walk Through Hell 10 00

The most horrifying villain around is not a literal monster, but a figurative one.

Scared By The Bell 4 00

Middle school is somehow made even worse when it's filled with monsters.

Angel 1 00

The brooding vampire with a soul is back and better than ever.

Incursion 4 00

The latest Valiant event wraps up in death and destruction.

Martian Manhunter 5 00

Charrn gets his revenge in some pretty creepy ways.

Graveyard Slaughter 00

A horror anthology comic set around a creepy video store? Sign me up!

Immortal Hulk 18 00

Meet the new Abomination. I'll understand if you want to throw up.


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