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Dracula Vs Robin Hood Vs Jekyll And Hyde 01 CoverLiterature's heavy hitters fight it out in this first issue.


Cthulu Tales 01 CoverHP Lovecraft provides the inspiration for Boom Studios' Cthulhu Tales and Ilan Sheady gets tangled in the tentacles.


Gideon And Sebastian Predators And Prey 01 CoverThe Vatican has dispatched their crack vampire hunting team to take on some bloodsuckers.


Twisted Dark Volume One CoverAuthor Neil Gibson turns happy tales into horror stories in his first comic collection.


Witch Doctor Issue 03 CoverWhat's a monster to do when he gets an upset stomach after eating a human?  He can visit Dr. Vincent Morrow.


Brimstone And The Borderhounds CoverMaybe instead of going to Heaven or Hell, your soul gets put to work by a mega corporation.


Betrayal Of The Planet Of The Apes CoverSet 20 years before the movie, the new mini-series from BOOM! Studios kicks off with a bang.


Luna Issue 01 CoverWhat happens when a werewolf sanctuary gets invaded by humans?


Echoes CoverWhat if you found out your dad was a serial killer?


Orchid Issue 01 CoverWhen you've got nothing to lose, you might as well join a rebellion against the super rich regime, right?


The Thing Comic CoverThe Thing's prequel prologue has Vikings and monsters in it.


Feeding Ground CoverWerewolves along the Devil's Highway as Archaia takes a new spin on lycanthropy.


Planet Of The Apes Volume 01 CoverThose Damn Dirty Apes are back in a prequel to the original movie series.


Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno CoverWhat if Dante's Inferno starred hot chicks and assassins?


Key Of Z CoverThe latest from BOOM! Studios looks like The Warriors with zombies.  Does it live up to the hype?


Leave The Light On CoverDive further into Dirk Manning's epic story where Cthulhu meets Revelations.


Monocyte 01 CoverThe world is now ruled by two races of immortal beings and they've just declared war on one another.


Tommy Zombie CoverWhen the dead walk the earth, will Tommy Zombie be our greatest hope or our biggest fear?


Dear Creature Cover

What's a Shakespeare-loving sea mutant to do when he falls for an agoraphobic shut-in?


The Bride Of Hell CoverA collection of Hellboy killing bad things.



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