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Days Missing Kestus 3 CoverWhat if the Apollo 11 mission to the moon failed? Spez finds out what might have happened!

Grimm Fairy Tales 55 CoverSpez takes a spin through the latest from Zenescope Entertainment.

Sarah Palin Take 2 CoverWitness the terror of Sarah Palin...in comic book form.

Everdance A Blood Story CoverChildren's book writer by day, vampire lesbian vigilante by night. Spez checks out Geo Brawn IV's Everdance - A Blood Story.

Voodoo Trespass CoverSam Johnson introduces a hitwoman that would give Buffy a run for her money.

Styx And Stone 1 CoverHaving a demon in your head would make you a great detective, right?  Or at least a crazy person...

Grave Doug Freshley 1 CoverWho doesn't love zombie cowboys? Spez checks out the first chapter of this new supernatural yarn from Archaia. Change picture to left to your comic or graphic novel.

Buffy Volume 2 CoverFaith steals the spotlight as she goes on an undercover mission in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Volume 2 - No Future for You.


Nanny And Hank 3 CoverThe road trip comes to a close as vampire grandparents Nanny & Hank get to their relatives' place.

Vincent Price Presents 25 CoverVincent Price and his creepy mustache fight a werewolf in Vincent Price Presents #25. Luckily for you, Spez is there to cover the action.

Walking Dead Volume 3 CoverWhat's safer than a prison during the zombie apocalypse?  Spez looks into it with the third volume of The Walking Dead.

Nanny And Hank 1 CoverInterested in how old people taste?  Spez finds out for you!

Preacher Volume 2 CoverSpez heads down south to check out the second volume of Preacher.

Nanny And Hank 2 CoverSpez pays a visit to Nanny & Hank. And you thought your relatives were weird.

Vincent Price Presents 24 CoverSpez presents Vincent Price Presents #24.

The Deathsport Games 1 CoverSpez signs up for The Deathsport Games.

Tales From The Dead CoverZombies! Zombies! Zombies everywhere in Tales from the Dead #1! Spez is reporting from the scene.

Walking Dead Volume 2 CoverSpez reviews The Walking Dead: Volume 2 - Miles Behind Us and has a lot of good to say about it, including, "Robert Kirkman writes good drama." Read on for more praise!


ChewV2coverSpez really enjoyed Chew: Volume 1 - Taster's Choice. How does Volume 2 - International Flavor hold up? Click that "read more" to find out!

SV1PaNCoverSpez's latest revie, The Sandman: Volume 1 - Preludes & Nocturnes, is nothing like that dream you have when you're taking the test in your underwear.  It's about a comic book.



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