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Beyond Wonderland CoverGo further down the rabbit hole with the second part of the Wonderland Trilogy.


Return To Wonderland CoverAlice came back from Wonderland but she's not all there.


War Goddess 0 CoverHot chicks kicking the collective asses of ancient Greek monsters. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Creepy Tales 12 SmallDark Horse Comics presents another collection of classic horror comics in the form of Creepy Tales Vol. 12. Ilan Sheady takes a look.

The Vessel Of Terror CoverAll kinds of spooky stuff lurks beneath the ocean's surface.


Monocyte 2 CoverIn the land of the blind, the one eyed is king.


Night CoverA vampire detective and her werewolf partner fight crime.


Stitched 1 CoverSoldiers tangle with zombies in the deserts of Afghanistan.  From the mind of Garth Ennis!


Bprd Being Human CoverHellboy's supporting cast gets the spotlight in the latest B.P.R.D. graphic novel.


Grey CoverAliens invade a small town in this graphic novel from Loaded Barrel Studios.


Neonomicon CoverAlan Moore's bizarre take on Lovecraft's monsters delivers


Key Of Z 2 CoverWhat use is a harmonica when zombies walk the earth?


Nightmare World Volume 3 Demon Days CoverDirk Manning's world-ending epic gets an ending, but not THE ending.


Dracula Vs Robin Hood Vs Jekyll And Hyde 01 CoverLiterature's heavy hitters fight it out in this first issue.


Cthulu Tales 01 CoverHP Lovecraft provides the inspiration for Boom Studios' Cthulhu Tales and Ilan Sheady gets tangled in the tentacles.


Gideon And Sebastian Predators And Prey 01 CoverThe Vatican has dispatched their crack vampire hunting team to take on some bloodsuckers.


Twisted Dark Volume One CoverAuthor Neil Gibson turns happy tales into horror stories in his first comic collection.


Witch Doctor Issue 03 CoverWhat's a monster to do when he gets an upset stomach after eating a human?  He can visit Dr. Vincent Morrow.


Brimstone And The Borderhounds CoverMaybe instead of going to Heaven or Hell, your soul gets put to work by a mega corporation.


Betrayal Of The Planet Of The Apes CoverSet 20 years before the movie, the new mini-series from BOOM! Studios kicks off with a bang.



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