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Buffy Volume 5 CoverHarmony, Faith, Kennedy, Satsu, Vampire Cat Dolls, Living Dolls, and more fill this volume of Buffy.

Buffy Volume 4 CoverWhere Buffy's going, she won't need roads.  A stake would still be a handy tool to have, though.


Metalocalypse Dethklok CoverPrepare yourselves for the greatest metal band of all time!

Buffy Volume 3 CoverThe slayer is turning Japanese, experimenting, and fighting alongside Dracula.  Just the average day for Buffy.


Falling Skies Comic CoverSpez checks out the comic book prologue to the upcoming TNT sci-fi series.


Baltimore The Plague Ships CoverThe best comic about a peg-legged vampire hunter you'll read all year.

It Came From Beneath The Sea Again CoverThe latest from Bluewater will have you questioning your next beach trip.

Orbit Stephen King CoverBluewater presents the history of the horror icon.


Nanny And Hank Retirement Is Hell CoverHave you ever suspected your grandparents of being vampires?

Dream Eater Prologue CoverGet a taste of what's to come in the upcoming crossover event from Zenescope.

Number 28 CoverAn evil doctor is terrorizing NYC!  Only from the mind of Vincent Price!

Feeding Ground CoverWhat lurks in the desert along the Mexico border? Spez finds out!

Days Missing Kestus 3 CoverWhat if the Apollo 11 mission to the moon failed? Spez finds out what might have happened!

Grimm Fairy Tales 55 CoverSpez takes a spin through the latest from Zenescope Entertainment.

Sarah Palin Take 2 CoverWitness the terror of Sarah Palin...in comic book form.

Everdance A Blood Story CoverChildren's book writer by day, vampire lesbian vigilante by night. Spez checks out Geo Brawn IV's Everdance - A Blood Story.

Voodoo Trespass CoverSam Johnson introduces a hitwoman that would give Buffy a run for her money.

Styx And Stone 1 CoverHaving a demon in your head would make you a great detective, right?  Or at least a crazy person...

Grave Doug Freshley 1 CoverWho doesn't love zombie cowboys? Spez checks out the first chapter of this new supernatural yarn from Archaia. Change picture to left to your comic or graphic novel.

Buffy Volume 2 CoverFaith steals the spotlight as she goes on an undercover mission in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Volume 2 - No Future for You.



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