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Tommy Zombie CoverWhen the dead walk the earth, will Tommy Zombie be our greatest hope or our biggest fear?


Dear Creature Cover

What's a Shakespeare-loving sea mutant to do when he falls for an agoraphobic shut-in?


The Bride Of Hell CoverA collection of Hellboy killing bad things.


Chopper CoverThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow gets modernized.


Nightmare World Volume 1 Thirteen Tales Of Terror CoverPay a visit to Dirk Manning's Nightmare World.


Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson CoverCheck out what a master of horror looked like in comics.


Mercy Thompson Moon Called Volume 01 CoverThat Mercy Thompson is a good idea, but lacks substance.


Green River Killer A True Detective Story CoverThe stories that are true are usually the scariest.


Chimichanga CoverAre you tired of boring stories of bearded little girls and their pet monsters?  Well, look no further.


Bprd Hell On Earth CoverThe world is falling apart and only the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense can help put it back together.


Criminal Macabre Volume 1 CoverForget garlic and silver bullets.  Cal MacDonald kills vampires and werewolves with a good 'ol shotgun.


Frankenstein Prodigal Son Volume 2 CoverFrankenstein's monster is still alive!  And he's wearing eyeliner.


The Claw And Fang CoverWhat if your game was real?  And you had a badass sword to protect the world?


Brian Keenes Fear CoverA fan of horror master Brian Keene? See what his work looks like when given the graphic treatment by three different artists.


Grave Sight 01 CoverThe latest series from True Blood creator Charlaine Harris gets the comic book treatment.


Good Vs Evil Alien Snow 01 Cover

Some shop owners are just flat out jerks.

Buffy Volume 8 CoverThe season finale for Buffy Season 8 starts here!


Dream Eater Saga CoverSpez takes a look at the first third of Zenescope's massive crossover event.


Brimstone 01 CoverHow many times do we have to say it?  Don't mess with the Indian burial ground!


Angel Omnibus CoverWelcome Angel back to Dark Horse Comics with a collection of his first stories.



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