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Old Man Quill 5 00

The Multiple Man turns into a zombie horde and I love it.

Gideon Falls 13 00

This book continues to amaze and astonish in the most horrific ways imaginable.

Hardbody 1 00

Have you tried the Frankenstein diet? All you need is a chainsaw

Ghost Hog 00

This little piggy went to market...and came back a ghost.

Murder Falcon 8 00

What a way to end a series.

Savage Avengers 1 00

This is easily the oddest yet deadliest collection of Earth's Mightiest Heroes ever.

Amalgama Lives 1 00

She gets a new body but she's just as deadly.

Batman Who Laughs 5 00

Get ready for the darkest Batman comic ever.

Court Of The Dead Shadows 00

Jaw-dropping artwork cannot save this bland, overwritten story.

Goosebumps Horrors Of Witch House 1 00

Everyone has at least one creepy house in their neighborhood.

Dark Red 2 00

The good 'ol boy vampire just found a slew of new problems.

Dceased 1 00

Horror comes to the DC Universe in a big way.

Scratcher 1 00

Possessed tattoos lead to all kinds of bloodshed in this indie comic.

Fearscape 5 00

Talk about a twist. Holy crap. I did not see that coming.

Venom 13 00

The War of the Realms stretches so far that even the Lethal Protector gets involved.

Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica 1 00

The werewolves are missing as this epic crossover begins.

Shape Of Elvira 2 00

This is a spoof of The Shape of Water I can get behind.

Punk Mambo 1 00

Head on down to New Orleans for a supernatural gun-for-hire adventure.

Ghost Tree 1 00

A bit of Stephen King and a bit of Neil Gaiman mix up in this debut issue.

Replacer 00

Marcus' father suffers from a debilitating stroke...or did he get possessed by a demon?


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