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Outcast 40 00

You can cut the tension in this book with a knife as it nears the end of its run.

Lollipop Kids 4 00

Monster Squad meets Flight of the Navigator in this horror comic.

Ice Cream Man 11 00

Get ready for a bizarre journey through reality television.

Martian Manhunter 4 00

True Detective meets Cronenberg's The Fly in this awesome series.

Farmhand 6 00

Blending humor and horror in this delightfully creepy way.

Bone Parish 8 00

It's never a good idea to dip into your own supply.

Dark Red 1 00

Is the world ready for an incel vampire?

Hex Wives 6 00

Get a load of this sweet, sweet vengeance.

Life Death Toyo Harada 1 00

There's a monster in here that's like Krang mixed with a facehugger. You're welcome.

Murder Falcon 6 00

Fighting Magnum Khaos for the Horn of the Dead. Yes, it's as metal as it sounds.

Immortal Hulk 15 00

A battle with Doc Samson leads to an impromptu therapy session.

Tmnt Shredder In Hell 2 00

Get ready for some of the most disturbing body horror...in a Ninja Turtles comic?

Blackening 3 00

Tony loses his humanity but gains a sweet new robot body.

Buffy 3 00

Meet the Slaye'rs new pet bat monster, Camazotz.

Outer Darkness 5 00

This isn't funny Star Trek. This is Aliens with some comic relief.

Ronin Island 1 00

Aside from the horde of monsters, this was a pretty pleasant day.

Blossoms 666 00

You knew the Blossoms were evil, but just how evil are they?

Skotus 1 00

Write your blurb for front page announcement here.

Cursed Land Large

No wonder they got such a good deal on this house. It's full of murder.

Revenant One Large

The Whitechapel Killer may have met his match in this new series.


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