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Resident Evil Final Chapter Small

Can Ryan escape The Hive and defeat Umbrella Corp? We sent him to find out.

Five Points Fest Cover

James checked out this new convention focused only on comics and toys in downtown NYC.

F13 Beta Small

Ki ki ki, ma ma ma... Friday the 13th: The Game has been released, and Ryan spent his entire bank holiday weekend killing and being killed. Find out whether you should be interested in this slasher multiplayer... (Early hint: You should)

Persona 5 Small

 Ryan finds an excuse to write about Persona 5 on Horror DNA, and he takes it...

There Is Darkness In Every Room Brian Fatah Steele Cover

There is Darkness in Every Room author Brian Fatah Steele shares with us five sci-fi horror types of the 21st century.

Prey Small

 Ryan plays through the first hour of Prey, and likes what he sees in this futuristic action-adventure with a gloss of horror.

Samuel Laflamme Small

 Ryan interviews Samuel Laflamme, the composer behind the haunting soundtracks from Outlast and Outlast 2. Sam hits all the right notes.

Worlds Between My Teeth Cover

Tim Meyer, author of Worlds Between My Teeth, shares the short story collections that inspired his book.

The Boulevard Monster Cover

The Boulevard Monster author, Jeremy Hepler, shares with us five memorable creepy bird appearances in literature.

High Moon Cover

The writer of the werewolf western High Moon drops some tunes that pay homage to the moon.

Walker Stalker Con London Small

Sharon and Ilan take a trip to London's Olympia for the massive Walker Stalker Con

Beneath Ash And Bone Cover

Bone and Ash author D. Alexander Ward tells us five horror comics you need to be reading.

Tunnelvision Cover

TunnelVision author, R. Patrick Gates, stops by and shares with us the reasons he writes the macabre

Kingdom Of Blood Cover

Kingdom of Blood writer / artist Robert Geronimo shares some funny book scares.

Birmingham Horror Con Small

We took a mosey down to Edgbaston for the first Birmingham Horror Con

Grim Leaper

James shares some blood-soaked horror funny books to enjoy with your significant other.

The Few 1 Cover

Sean Lewis, writer of The Few from Image Comics, shares his scariest pieces of sci-fi films.

Eternal Darkness Tom Deady Cover

Eternal Darkness author Tom Deady stops by and shares with us seven retro horror paperbacks you need to read!

Sadako Vs Kayako Us Poster

 An exclusive interview with the ghouls of Sadako vs Kayako, ahead of its release on Shudder.

Friday 13th Game

Want to know what horror games to keep an eye on in 2017? Check out Ryan's independent horror list.


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