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Astonishing Legends Podcast Cover

Everyone is doing thier Best Ofs, and here comes Steve with his Favorites. He's always being difficult.

Creepy Christmas Cover

James cracks out the crayons to try out his first adult coloring book, Mister Sam Shearon's Creepy Christmas.

A Tree Or A Person Or A Wall Matt Bell Cover

It's that time of year again, and Matt is here to tell you about the books you should have been reading in 2016.

Conceiving Cover

Author Thomas S. Flowers shares the top five horror movie inspirations for his latest novel, Conceiving.

James Top 10 Cover

Our resident comic book guy counts down the best horror funny books of the year.

Goodnight Mommy Small

What got under Joel's skin the most this year? Take a look...

Walter Geovani Interview Cover

James speaks with the new artist of Clean Room from Vertigo Comics. 

Croak 1 Cover

James speaks to the writer behind Croak from Alterna Comics at Artists Alley during NYCC.

Asylum Jam Small

Ryan Noble runs down the top five games from Asylum Jam 2016.

Troll Bridge Cover

James speaks with the artist of Neil Gaiman's Troll Bridge at the Dark Horse Comics booth at NYCC.

Jazon And The Dead Small

A look at the demo for this forthcoming zombie-splatting puzzler.

Stephanie M Wytovich Cover

The Eighth author, Stphanie M. Wytovich, drops by and shares the films that inspired her latest novel.

M R James Small

A look back at the classic English ghost story work of M.R. James.

The Amazing Kreskin Table Tilt Cover

What did I expect from a séance at a Buffalo Wild Wings?

Moon Hill Anthony J Rapino Cover

Greetings from Moon Hill author Anthony J. Rapino pops in and shares the best books to defend yourself from killer clowns!

Marc Straight Small

With Halloween just round the corner, composer and haunt designer Marc Straight explains what makes the perfect scary attraction.

Resident Evil 7 Xbox Cover

James tries out some video games and realizes why he only reads books with pictures.

The Home

Emerging talent terrifies at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Matt Hawkins Interview Cover

James speaks with the President / COO of Top Cow Productions at his table in Artists Alley during New York Comic Con.

Wwr Cover

Werewolf Run writer / artist Daniel Leister shares his scariest lycanthropes.


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