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Haunting In Connecticut 2 DvdWith The Haunting in Connecticut 2 out on DVD and Blu-ray this week, we run down a list of some of the creepiest kids on horror movies

Curse 2 Cover AJames has a chat with the writing team behind Curse, the new werewolf comic published by BOOM! Studios.

Red Moon CoverAuthor Benjamin Percy explains why werewolves are his preferred creature.


Not one to be the first arrival at a party, here's Steve's best of 2013!

Joel HarleyWith a number one that might surprise you...

The Squidder CoverThe future is filled with tentacles in Ben Templesmith's latest comic, The Squidder.  James gets the details on the new project from 44FLOOD.

Frightfest 2013 Poster Small1 night... 6 movies... lots of gore!

Fabio Frizzi Poster Small

This Halloween, a live gig saw Lucio Fulci's bona fide film scores pulsate around a London church.

The Evacuee Poster SmallWe thought a diet of horror movies might be bad for Becky Roberts, so we sent her to the theatre to be scared witless by The Evacuee.

Heather Tyler House Of Bad CoverHorror DNA gets five questions with House of Bad star Heather Tyler.

Damien Leone Interview CoverTGM sits down with All Hallows' Eve director Damien Leone and the two discuss clowns, FX, and more.

Grimmfest CoverSharon breaks down the happenings at Grimmfest 2013.

Buffy 1 CoverDark Horse Comics had a load of horror titles to announce at NYCC this year.  Find out what else is in store from the publisher.

Diana Leto 00The co-creator of the Halloween Legion has a chat with James about the project and what's coming up next for the World's Weirdest Super Heroes.

Dynamite Entertainment CoverFor a publisher that didn't even have a booth, Dynamite was pretty busy.

Jim Towns House Of Bad CoverWe have another House of Bad exclusive Q&A, this time with director Jim Towns.

Dorota Skrzypek Interview CoverWe have an exclusive Q&A with House of Bad producer Dorota Skrzypek.

Wwe Studios CoverFind out what's coming for See No Evil 2 and Leprechaun: Origins from the convention floor.

The Other Dead 1 CoverThe entire creative team behind the new zombie animal series from IDW Publishing was on hand at the convention to talk all things undead...and some Ninja Turtles.

Itty Bitty Hellboy CoverJames sits down with the team behind Itty Bitty Hellboy at New York Comic Con.


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