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Nicolas Lopez SmallLorenza Izzo SmallHow do you follow an interview with Eli Roth? By talking earthquake movies and cannibals with director Nicolás López and actress Lorenza Izzo. Also on the menu: Mister Roth's sexy newTop Gun haircut.

Horrorshow LogoBecky Roberts checks out the launch event for horror's only genre-specific VOD service.

Linda Blair ThenWith the impending home entertainment release of Mama, we take a look at some creepy horror movie kids and find out if being in horror warped their fragile little minds.

Ed Gass DonnellyIf you thought The Last Exorcism was in fact the LAST exorcism then you were sorely mistaken. Bendy demon magnet Nell (Ashley Bell) once again finds herself with a serious case of spirit problems. We caught up with director of The Last Exorcism Part II, Ed Gass-Donnelly to find out more. 

Eli RothTalking The Last Exorcism Part 2, earthquakes and cannibal movies with modern master of horror and Bear Jew himself, Eli Roth. 

Peter Rawlick 01

Enjoy Pete Rawlik's short story "The Issue of Dr. Jekyll", exclusively on Horror DNA.

Texas Chainsaw Blu Ray SmallWith the impending UK release of Texas Chainsaw, guest writer Gavin Baddely runs down his list of favourite power-tool misuse movies.

Wraiths Of The Broken Land 01

Raw Dog Screaming Press has recently released S. Craig Zahler's latest novel and you can check out the first chapter here, exclusively for Horror DNA!

Locke And Key Alpha CoverWe've pulled together all the horror news from IDW Publishing from this year's C2E2.

Zach Galligan SmallWe caught up with horror icon Zach Galligan to discuss his new movie Hatchet III, his favourite horror movie moments and how Gizmo feels turning 30...

Sean Hogan SmallSean Hogan talks all things horror ahead of the UK TV premiere of his film The Devil's Business.

Dark Horse C2 E2 CoverCheck out the slew of announcements that the publisher made at this weekend's convention.

Dead Island Riptide Wedding SmallUndearly Beloved. Please Rise for an Unholy Matrimony... Becky Roberts reports from the Dead Island Riptide zombie wedding.

Alan Robert CoverWith his latest comic series wrapping up this week, creator Alan Robert sits down with James to talk all things Killogy.  Very minor spoilers inside.

Dana Fredsti Interview CoverDana Fredsti, author of the Ashley Parker series Plague TownPlague Nation, and Plague World sits down and talks with Horror DNA about her books, zombies, big cats, erotica, and more. The Empire Strikes Back even gets a mention.

Buy Walking Dead Survival Instinct Xbox 360In the video game world of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct you'll encounter survivors of the apocalypse. Here we introduce a few of those you'll cross paths with.

Taylor Grant CoverEvil Jester Comics is getting started with an anthology graphic novel.  James sits down with the Editor in Chief to discuss the project and next steps for the publisher.

Machine Gun WomanWomen In Horror Month may be behind us, but the contribution of the female character to horror cinema can never be overlooked. Becky Roberts takes us on a journey through ten of the most badass female horror characters.

Silent Hill Dvd Cover SmallWith the release of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on DVD and Blu-ray, guest author Gavin Baddeley takes us on a journey through Hell's role in movies.

A Nightmare On Elm Street Retrospective Cover

Once a Best Buy exclusive, Warner Bros' A Nightmare on Elm Street is now available everywhere. Join Zig as he takes a retrospective look at this classic series.


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