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Taylor Grant CoverEvil Jester Comics is getting started with an anthology graphic novel.  James sits down with the Editor in Chief to discuss the project and next steps for the publisher.

Machine Gun WomanWomen In Horror Month may be behind us, but the contribution of the female character to horror cinema can never be overlooked. Becky Roberts takes us on a journey through ten of the most badass female horror characters.

Silent Hill Dvd Cover SmallWith the release of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on DVD and Blu-ray, guest author Gavin Baddeley takes us on a journey through Hell's role in movies.

A Nightmare On Elm Street Retrospective Cover

Once a Best Buy exclusive, Warner Bros' A Nightmare on Elm Street is now available everywhere. Join Zig as he takes a retrospective look at this classic series.

Shannon Lark Interview Large

Karin talks with Viscera Film Festival creator, Shannon Lark.

Ben Paul China SmallChatting with the Brothers China about Crawl, Australian genre movies and sibling bickering. 

Hoax Hunters 7 CoverVillains, vampires, and all new Ghostbusters are just a sampling of what's in store in this week's horror comics.  James gives us the lowdown on the funny books.

Radley Metzger SmallTalking mummy porn and more with 70s erotica maestro Radley Metzger. Naturally this interview contains some NSFW images!

Blood Privilege CoverThe Bloody Lady celebrates Valentine’s Day at the Richmond Shepard Theatre.

Blood Privilege marks the first play review ever for Horror DNA.

Colder 4 CoverReal life delays James but it will never delay comic books.  What horror comics did he read last week?  Find out inside!

Orchid 12 CoverWhat hidden gems lie within the week's horror comics?  James finds out inside!

American Mary Dvd SmallOnce upon a time there was 2012, and Charlotte looked upon the year and gave her top picks.

Don Coscarelli Paul Giamatti Interview CoverPhantasm creator Don Coscarelli and actor Paul Giamatti (John Adams, The Illusionist, American Splendor) discuss John Dies at the End, favorite horror films, and the mysteries of the universe.

Bedlam 3 CoverVampires, Aliens, and mass murderers are just a taste of what's to come in the week's horror comics.  James gives us the lowdown on the rest of the lot.

James P Blaylock CoverAs part of his website tour to promote his latest novel The Aylesford Skull, author James P. Blaylock provides an interivew for Horror DNA.

Extermination 8 CoverWhat horrors are in store for this batch of funny books?  Find out as James goes through the issues.

Kevin Bishop SmallJoel Harley sits down for a chat with May I Kill U? star Kevin Bishop and its director Stuart Urban.

Inbred Dvd Small

Joel Harley runs down his top ten films of 2012 that fit into the horror category. Mostly.

Artifacts 24 CoverA ho-hum week for horror comics, but there's a diamond in the rough that really stands out.  Find out what it is inside!

Sacrifice Cover

Gabino delivers his top books of 2012, and he's not satisfied with just 10.


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